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retrojunkies neuland1.0
Artist: Retrojunkies
Title: Neuland 1.0
Genre: Dark Wave / Dark Pop / Synth Pop
Release Date: 15th September 2018
Label: self-released

Album Review

RETROJUNKIES were founded in January 2018 and immediately won the “Battle Of The Bands” contest 2018 of the music magazine Sonic Seducer. With their debut album, ‘Neuland 1.0’, they just hit the German Alternative Charts and not just put out a full-length album, but also added remixes from scene bands like ES23, MASSIV IN MENSCH, DESASTROES, MINOR EINAR, LVX AETERNA and POISON 6502. The music of RETROJUNKIES can be described as a mix of Dark Wave, Dark Pop und Synth Wave. Or as they call it themselves, “New Dark Retro”. The touch of he 80ies and retro computer game sound influences are conspicuous.

The first song of the album, ‘Alternate Reality’, has a spacy vibe and catchy melody, the vocals of 8BitJunkie are remarkable clear and soft in here. The next song, ‘Das Leben will Dich nicht’, shows that the band is using German and English for their songs what gives them more possibilities and variety. The female vocals in the refrain are really catchy and have a cool vocal melody. The music in ‘The Cutting Edge’ really invites to dance and should catch everyone who is longing for fresh and new 80ies sounds. Here you go.

Also it is clear here that RETROJUNKIES should be something to listen to for fans of bands like WELLE:ERDBALL who also clearly play with retro and electro sounds in their creations. The songs are completed with vocal samples, like in ‘We Are Free’, another song that awakes the nostalgy for the crazy and electronic 80ies. ‘Tanz den Atari’ is clearly another dance floor killer for the next 80ies party. I am sure, no one would notice that the song is from 2018. However it is not a critic, more an outstanding attribute of this newcomer band. The distorted vocals here are standing out and give the song an interesting sound.

‘Dein Schmerz macht dich frei’ is despite its synth sounds a calmer one, the refrain bribes by the mix of male and female energetic vocals. ‘We Are The Retronauts’ feels to me like the bands hymn, the new band that dedicates their creation to the glory 80ies and this song states the love to the old times once more and clearly. ‘Folge Deinem Herzen’ is once more of a Dark Pop track, catchy and for those who love honest 80ies music truly a discovery, I believe. ‘Major Tom - Immer schweben’ is clearly an homage to the song of Peter Schilling from 1982, I guess, and very balladesk. The next six songs are remixes by the bands mentioned above. The Remix by MINOR EINER for ‘Mein Herz ist Gift für Dich’ has some cool beats, also the others are for sure worth a listen as they show the signatures of the bands that produced the remixes for them.

All in an interesting release for all lovers of the colourful 80ies and retro game nerds out there. If you belong to at least one of these groups, this release might be something for you to check out.


01. Alternate Reality
02. Das Leben will Dich nicht
03. Herz aus Chrom
04. The Cutting Edge
05. We Are Free
06. Tanz den Atari
07. Dein Schmerz macht dich frei
08. We Are The Retronauts
09. Mein Herz ist Gift für Dich
10. Folge Deinem Herzen
11. Major Tom - Immer schweben
12. Mein Herz ist Gift für Dich - Minor Einer Remix
13. We Are The Retronauts - ES23 Remix
14. Dein Schmerz macht mich frei - POISON 6502 Remix
15. Tanz den Atari - LVX AETERNA Remix
16. The Cutting Edge - Massiv in Mensch Remix
17. Herz aus Chrom - Desastroes Remix


8BitJunkie - Vocals
Leni - Vocals
Jenny - Vocals, keys

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Cover Picture

retrojunkies neuland1.0


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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