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takida sju
Artist: Takida
Title: Sju
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7th June 2019
Label: BMG / ADA Warner

Album Review

TAKIDA is a Swedish band formed in 1999. It already has a rich history, with its victories and the hard times and TAKIDA successfully keeps going. The new band’s LP, ‘Sju’, was released on 7th of June and it has a summer mood and a warm sound. The release date of the album explains that it turned out to be dynamic and fresh. Usually, your heart beats on such a note, when you are young, in love, and it is summer outside. So, you’ll notice this while listening to the album.

The first track, ‘What about me?’ shows the air of the whole LP: rhythmic melody with flirty-sounding guitar, soft Rock music with the beautiful tones. Like this song, the album itself makes you feel the freedom to be yourself. Because now the music world has such a variety of fashionable genres, and it is very difficult not to be swept into the fashion and stay true to yourself. ‘Sju’ is a good example of such a thing: so much love and admiration guys have put in their work. 

The singer wonderfully combines pure vocals with a bit rebellious raspy sound in his voice. The drums don’t just play, they knock on the doors of the listener’s soul, enchanting and make falling in love with them. ‘Sju’ is a dedication to all which it’s possible to call true and amazing: something like a sea breeze or the first warm summer’s night. Daring, spirited and talented TAKIDA will surely keep a great company to you this summer. And for the rest of the year.


01. What About Me?
02. How Far I’ll Go
03. Eva
04. Master
05. The Meaning
06. Edge
07. Untouchable, Pt. 2 (feat. Dea Norberg)
08. Final Day
09. Fading Into Life
10. In The Wake


Robert Pettersson – Vocals
Tomas Wallin – Guitar
Kristoffer Söderström – Drums
Mattias Larsson – Guitar
Chris Rehn – Bass / Keyboards

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takida sju


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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