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papertigers coloratlas
Artist: Paper Tigers
Title: Color Atlas
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 8th September 2017
Label: Live Talent Records

Album Review

The sound of this band, formed by the brothers Linus (vocals and guitar) and Andreas (bass) Valdemar is inspired by their father. He was a successful local Folk singer. After Niklas Løvén (drums) joined the band they found their sound. In 2011 the band won the underground award as the “best rock band”. You can feel the sound of the 60s in their records. Since 2015 the band is on road to success. Their debut record, ‘Head Over Heels’ (brillJant Sounds / distribution by Indigo) released in 2016, was a success. Media and influencers were amazed. The new album was recorded in Copenhagen by Christian Ki. Christian had recorded bands like MATHILDE FALCH, DEATH VALLEY SLEEPERS, D-TROIT and PEPPERMINT B.

Their latest record ‘Color Atlas’ is powerful. With the first song, ‘Upside down’, you can feel the beat. If you want to listen to this and want to sit still - good luck! Mixed with some slow parts it’s a perfect opener. Some songs say go on and dance (e.g. ‘drinking in the night’). You can sing every song along with the band. The sound of the 60s is perfectly arranged. With a good beat and a sound that makes you feel easy and good when your hear it. The slow songs (especially ‘Living is easy’) comes to the right time. So you can calm down before the next good beat hits your body. There is no song a filler. Guitar, bass and drums are well recorded, well mixed and not overloaded. It’s good job by the producer.

As a fan of Metal and Rock I like this band. Good musicians and songwriter!


01. Upside Down
02. Time Is Money
03. Drinking In The Night
04. She’s Got The Vibe
05. Living Is Easy
06. Will
07. Stab Me If You Dare
08. The Girl On The Train
09. Come With Me For Coffee
10. On And On
11. Waiting For Tomorrow


Linus Valdemar - Vocals and guitar
Andreas Valdemar - Bass
Niklas Løvén - Drums


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papertigers coloratlas


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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