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ram thethronewithin
Artist: RAM
Title: The Throne Within
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 13th September 2019
Label: Metalblade Records

Album Review

RAM was founded by Harry Granroth in 1999, Granroth soon found the ingredients he needed for the Metal band he wanted to form. The band was completed by vocalist Oscar Carlquist, guitarist Martin Jonsson, Tobias Petterson on the bass and drummer Morgan Petterson. After rehearsing quite some time and refining their skills, RAM released their first EP, ‘Sudden Impact’, in 2003. RAM took the underground by storm and quickly rose to a high profile in the Metal scene. 2005 was the year the Metal community was finally able to experience RAM’s debut, ‘Forced Entry’. 14 years later I am sitting at the desk, smoking, listening and enjoying the sixth entry in this band’s discography.

The first thing I notice is that this record leaves you no chance to take a breath, fast, tough... RAM. Oscar Carlquist’s voice always reminds me of Blackie Lawless, they sure do not sound alike but they have their unique roar. I am not accustomed with every output but I noticed that Carlquist is using his voice a bit different every here and there, for example ‘Spirit Reaper’ and ‘You all Leave’. No agitation, rarely aggression in this songs... I really dig it when he sings like that (think of Halfords deeper mid). Most of this is classic RAM but there are variations and excurses I never heard from them and by Odin I never expected this! I will surely re-listen ‘The Throne Within’ a dozen times because this son of a bitch is a grower. So guys and gals, if you are into bands like JUDAS PRIEST, IN SOLITUDE, STEELWING or METAL CHURCH you ought to check this one out because it does what good heavy metal does: it bites, it burns and it kills!


01. The Shadowwork
02. Blades Of Betrayal
03. Fang and Fur
04. Violence (is Golden)
05. The Trap
06. No Refuge
07. Spirit Reaper
08. You All Leave
09. Ravnfell


Oscar Carlquist – Vocals
Harry Granroth – Guitar
Martin Jonsson – Guitar
Tobias Petterson – Bass
Morgan Petterson – Drums

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Cover Picture

ram thethronewithin


Sound: 9
Music: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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