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screamer highwayofheroes
Artist: Screamer
Title: Highway of Heroes
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 11th October 2019
Label: The Sign Records

Album Review

I got to know SCREAMER way back when they released their debut album ‘Adrenaline Distraction’ in 2011. The first thing that came to mind eight years ago was “man this fucking rocks” and nothing changed although they got a new vocalist since 2016 in Andreas Wikström. The new guy really shifts the overall lyric experience but for the better. I really liked Christoffer but Andreas is more on the Halford side of singing so I’m down for this. They still are good old SCREAMER and they still pack a serious punch. Wikström sometimes, when screaming, reminds me of Oscar Carlquist of RAM (which is very good). The screaming is very strong with this one indeed. The new album, ‘Highway of Heroes’ is set to be released on the 11th of October 2019 though The Sign Records.

‘Highway of Heroes’ is the fourth studio album from the Swedish Heavy Metal band. It was produced by Gustav Hjortsjö from BULLET, recorded by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studio, mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio, and mastered by producing Demi-God Patrick W. Engel (known also for writing DEAF FOREVER’s ‘Engel of Death’ section) in Temple Of Disharmony. The album holds nine tracks plus a CD/ Vinyl exclusive intro. SCREAMER is set to tour Europe in November following the release of the new release ‘Highway of Heroes’. I highly recommend this band for everyone that likes JUDAS PRIEST, RAM, STEELWING or ENFORCER.


01. Intro
02. Ride On
03. Shadow Hunter
04. Rider of Death
05. Sacrifice
06. Halo
07. Highway of Heroes
08. Out of the Dark
09. Towers of Babylon
10. Caught in Lies


Andreas Wikström - Vocals
Anton Fingal - Guitar
Dejan Rosić - Guitar
Fredrik Svensson Carlström - Bass
Henrik Petersson - Drums


Cover Picture

screamer highwayofheroes


Sound: 8
Music: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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