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rroyce patience
Artist: Rroyce
Title: Patience
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th September 2019
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

RROYCE just released their newest baby, ‘Patience’, end of September that has been smashing the charts and reviews continuously since then. And also we want to tell you about that one that’s been playing itself inside our and community hearts immediately.

The direction and potential of this record enfolds right away with the first song that has been sparking its energy right away when I saw RROYCE for the first time at E-Tropolis Festival in March this year and that’s also a song that will follow you back home even many hours after the gig. The next one, ‘My Dearest Enemy’, is probably one of my favourites, perfectly composed Synth Pop track to dance and dream and sing along with a heart full of emotion. ‘I Felt Alive’ has a familiar vibe to me. RROYCE are capable of mixing 80ies and modern Synth sound to a sensual melange of melodies and vibes that are coming for your mind to bring it in parallel worlds of music and emotion.

‘Full Speed Half Sight’ makes me feel like watching an 80ies teenager movie, a pinch of APOPTYGMA BERZERK vibe and another engaging melody with a great development to a chorus full of passion. ‘Cry’ is such a heartfully written song that expresses so much emotion. Some darker tunes appear with ‘Someone Else’s Life’ - a song full of fighting spirit, gloominess in the vocals and melodies that develop in no time. Half through the album by now and it’s hard to tell that there might be a song that is weak or something - as someone who just saw them twice live and haven’t followed RROYCE much by now, I am honestly surprised by the quality of the songs and the emotional power that they develop continuously throughout the record.

‘Dying In Slow Motion’ convinces with very clear vocals, minimalistic start and clearly written chorus that breathes full of New Wave vibes that make even someone born just in the end of the 80ies feeling wrapped into a beautiful layer of 80ies with the power and details from 2019. A playful intro for ‘Too Little’ and what a beautiful, catchy chorus once again. Without repeating the other songs at all, RROYCE seem just to magically write songs that will feel your mind and heart with lovely, danceable, nostalgic melodies having their signature mark on it. ‘Learn To Hate Me’ is one of the darker songs, slow and calm intro and the vocals carrying one on the calm wave, developing with an emotionally beautiful bridge into a dark chorus. The lyrics of all the songs tell stories of love and hate, live and loss. ‘Learn To Hate’ is one of the songs darker songs on the record.

Also the last three songs of the album, ‘Life Is A Gun’, anthem-like ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Walking On Water’, spread the unmistakable RROYCE vibes and atmosphere. A record that took over my mind and surprisingly convinced me to the fullest of a band that appeared on my radar just a little bit so far. ‘Patience’ is dominated by a perfect production, clever and enchanting song-writing, melodies that spread joy and force to dance and beautifully strong vocals.


01. Parallel Worlds
02. My Dearest Enemy
03. I Felt Alive
04. Full Speed, Half Sight
05. Cry
06. Someone Else’s Life
07. Dying In Slowmotion
08. Too Little
09. L.T.H.M.
10. Life Is A Gun
11. Valkyrie
12. Walking On Water



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rroyce patience


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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