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seeed bambam
Artist: Seeed
Title: Bam Bam
Genre: Reggae / Dancehall
Release Date: 4th October 2019
Label: Warner Music Group

Album Review

This is SEEED, yo!”

It was a damn long time that fans of the Berlin Reggae and Dancehall band SEEED had to wait: It took seven years for the ten-piece band to release a new record. For over 20 years, the Berliners have been bringing generations into the sold-out arenas of the German-speaking regions with hits such as ‘Dickes B’, ‘Ding’ and ‘Augenbling’. Deep beats, combined with fresh songwriting and Caribbean sex appeal - this mix convinced the crowds and gave the band three echoes among others. The last album ‘Seeed’ from 2012 even received a triple gold award. But after the surprising death of Demba Nabé in May 2018, who co-founded the band under the artist name BOUNDZOUND in 1998, it was not clear for a long time whether the Reggae collective would release another album. So it’s even more pleasing how relaxed the comeback album ‘Bam Bam’ comes along.

The first single release was ‘Ticket’ which also opens the new record. Sensitive guitar riffs sound the eleven songs strong work in and remain in the minds of the listeners. The song has already been published in summer and is a musical farewell of the founding member Demba Nabé. In the black and white video clip, the last six seconds belong only to him - he dances across a meadow. But despite all the years and recent events, SEEED have remained true to themselves. Even the song ‘Lass Sie gehen’, a hymn to letting go, is a homage to the reggae origins of Jamaica. But SEEED are still music lovers who have always been able to achieve the right balance between humour and attitude. The band always managed to combine the universal language of Reggae with love, Pop, Rap and Rave. This can also be heard on the new and diverse work. The piece ‘G€ld’ once again demonstrates the dancehall affinity of the band.

For a total of four songs, SEEED have got reinforcements from fellow musicians. Trettmann appears on ‘Immer bei dir’, while rapper Nura supports the entertaining song ‘Sie ist geladen’. In ‘Lass das Licht an’ the Hamburg hip-hop group DEICHKIND briefly appears as a feature guest, and ‘Love & Courvoisier’ was SALSA 359 involved in the creation. Very varied. A little more subtle is SEEED's approach in ‘Komm in mein Haus’, a very easy-going piece of Reggae. Peter Fox sings about fences and clowns, only to pronounce an invitation to his house. Everyone is welcome, no matter where they come from or which god they believe in. Certainly not a surprising statement from a band known for their open-mindedness and multicultural influences, but in times of closing hearts and borders it is important to remember this attitude every now and then.

Nabé can be heard on the final title ‘What A Day’. He recorded the song long before his death, the band remixed it and put it on the album. It's the only English song on SEEED's first completely German album. Accompanied and carried by dramatic violins, fateful string basses and playful harpsichord sounds. Nevertheless, ‘Bam Bam’ is an album that is manifold and moves stylistically extremely between Dub, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Afro-Trap and Reggae and also celebrates these music styles. Hardly any other German band manages this musical balancing act in such a playful and relaxed way as SEEED.


01. Ticket
02. Lass Sie Gehen
03. G€LD
04. Immer Bei Dir (feat. Trettmann)
05. Lass das Licht an (feat. Deichkind)
06. Sie ist geladen (feat. Nura)
07. Love & Courvoisier (feat. Salsa 359)
08. Komm in mein Haus
09. Psycho Piano Interlude
10. No More Drama (Alles Pech
11. What A Day


Frank Dellé aka Dellé – Vocals
Pierre Baigorry aka Peter Fox- Vocals
Sebastian Krajewski – Drums
Tobsen Cordes – Bass
Rüdiger Kusserow – Guitar
Moritz Schumacher – Saxophone
Luke – DJ
Torsten Reibold – Keyboard
Jérôme Bugnon – Trombones
Alfi Trowers – Percussion


Cover Picture

seeed bambam


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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