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serpentyne angelsofthenight
Artist: Serpentyne
Album: Angels Of The Night
Genre: Symphonic Metal / Folk Metal / Prog Metal
Release Date: 21st November 2019
Label: Hell Fairy Records

Album Review

‘Angels Of The Night’ is a good album and is the follow up to SERPENTYNE’s 2016’s self-release ‘The Serpent’s Kiss’. That album was inspired by mythical and historical themes such as Helen of Troy and Joan of Arc but I found the mix be vocal heavy with the bass sometimes way back in the mix. Arrangement wise it’s very good and the new album improves upon that by being well produced and evenly mixed. This is all helped by the acquisition of a new record deal with label Hell Fairy Records whilst the recording was done at In The Room Studios both of which are in Holland.

Maggie Beth Sand’s vocals are clear and Nigel Middleton’s bass is punchy without being too loud, this is especially noticeable on the tracks ‘Boudicca’ and ‘Away From The World’. I also like the guitar work on ‘Seven Signs’. The aforementioned track ‘Boudicca’ has the addition some satisfying Industrial Metal shreds which add another dimension to the sound and album closer ‘Call Of The Banshee’ is very eerie and has a smoky feel suffused with throat singing performed by Anthar Kharana and that melds with the feminine vibrato of Maggiebeth Sand.

The drumming is also great. The whole album is anchored by the great drumming of John Haithewaite that not only anchors the whole piece but also adds to it by being fluid and free. I can be just as complementary towards the guitar as well. Lee Wilmer steers clear of pompous frippery that panders to ego, the guitar and the arrangements are servant to the songs. If an elongated riff is needed for a section that is what is played, conversely, if short doodles are required then that is what’s delivered also.

The only downside is the track ‘Salvation’. There is something about the track that grates on me for some reason. I think it’s a bit twee and on reflection it reminds me of something that would be played near the end of a pantomime as the counterpoint to the evil deeds of the pieces villain. Now that this image has firmly wedged itself inside my head I cannot get rid of it! That’s my interpretation dear reader, yours may be different. Vive la difference I say... Apart from that minor hiccup this is a fine album that has plenty to satisfy your ears over a period of 45 minutes and I recommend you give ‘Angels Of The Night’ a listen!


01. Away From The World
02. Angels Of The Night
03. Lady Serpentyne
04. Follow Me
05. Lady Macbeth
06. Bring On The Storm
07. Aphrodite
08. Salvation
09. Seven Signs
10. Boudicca
11. The Call of The Banshee


Maggiebeth Sand – Vocals / Bodrum / Keyboards
Vaughn Grandin – Bagpipes / Backing Vocals
Lee Wilmer – Guitars
Nigel Middleton – Bass / Vocals on tracks 6 and 9 / Backing Vocals
John Haithwaite – Drums / Backing Vocals

Guest Musicians
Anthar Kharana – Vocals / Percussion on tracks 10 and 11
Gerard Vaughn – Hurdy-Gurdy on tracks 2,3,5 and 10
Mark jenkins – Keyboards on track 9

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serpentyne angelsofthenight


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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