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syrinx embracethedark seekthelight
Artist: Syrinx
Title: Embrace the Dark - Seek the Light
Genre: Heavy Metal / Progressive Metal
Release Date: 12th February 2019
Label: Church Recordings

Album Review

Good evening fellow Heavy Metal bon vivants of all kinds. Sometimes a man has to cite a band in order to use the right words or to save time (I admit it sometimes I’m a lazy fuck), so in the name of slothfulness: let the citing begin! “SYRINX came together in a slanted farmhouse outside of Vancouver. Featuring members of bands SPELL, FUNERAL CIRCLE, BORROWED TIME, and GATEKEEPER; SYRINX was first born as a rotating cast of members embarking on formless musical journeys and experiments. As the material solidified and the vision became clearer, three recording sessions captured the essence of what you hear on ‘Embrace the Dark - Seek the Light’. Focusing on progressive and intuitive song writing, SYRINX moves easily between twisting, slithering, build ups and dramatic, pounding crescendos. With nods to everything from early GENESIS to later VOIVOD, this is Heavy Rock for the wandering mind and hungry spirit.”

So much for the I-copy-and-paste-this-stuff-out-of-Bandcamp-to-safe-time... almost every time some band or a label puts some words together to describe their sound or audible inspirations they blatantly lie to sell something or they exaggerate to seem cool, well the exception proves the rule. I would not say this is in any kind formless I would say sometimes they let themselves get carried away into psychedelic prog-town where Abboud varies between Axl Rose moments and awesome GATEKEEPER like vocals. Sometimes the compositions wander out of tune just to return with a bang and vocal lines that grab you and pull you back into the structure of the song that was dissolved a moment ago.

I don’t know many vocalists that can pull that kind of mind-fuckery without losing my interest. Sometimes you feel like you listen to some sick demo of THE DOORS that no one ever heard of then again it has a Doom/ Stoner feel and sometimes you get a fine traditional heavy riff just so you don’t forget who you are dealing with. I really dig this but this ain’t music for the radio. It’s hard to point a song out, this record has no highlights it is indeed a sick journey not everyone is capable of enjoying and with 46:05 it is not a short one considering the playtime of most modern records. If you like proggy stuff with too much obvious direction you should check this out and of course GATEKEEPER and TRAVELER Abboud’s other two bands that had amazing outputs this year.


01. Birth (First Light)
02. Time out of Place
03. Devil’s Soldier
04. ZXY: (Shrouds/Exposure/Levity)
05. Pronus en Terra
06. Get out of my House
07. Colloidal Silver
08. Chateu Tryst


Evan Findlay – Bass
Graham McGee – Bass, Guitars, Keys
Al Lester – Drums, Percussion
J. Priest aka Jean Pierre Abboud – Vocals

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Cover Picture

syrinx embracethedark seekthelight


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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