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thunderandlightning demonicorn
Artist: Thunder And Lightning
Title: Demonicorn
Genre: Melodic Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

Today was packed and I almost decided against writing but... I would have missed the music and I would have missed the writing and as a very famous writer said “Improvement in writing is only possible if you write your ass off”. I, personally do not strife to be the Stephen King of Heavy Metal reviewing but I surely like the sound of that...

So, just recently I learned of THUNDER AND LIGHTNINGS new record, ‘Demonicorn’, and simply had to contact Marc as soon as possible on that matter. THUNDER AND LIGHTNING and I go way back to 2014 when I reviewed their 2013 output, ‘In Charge of the Scythe’, and shortly after that the EP ‘Slice of Life’. After these two tasty titbits I asked Marc if he would agree to do an interview and the answer was yes. In the liner-notes of the recent outputs I noticed that the working process still seems to be the same as five years prior, Marc and Diddi still write all the songs and work out the details with the rest of the guys.

This five-piece constantly releases music since 2005: 2 Demos, 5 full-length records, 2 EP`s and 4 Singles and I speak of quality independent production (at least some of it is independently produced). So now to the bands new baby ‘Demonicorn’. The band has found their sound I would say, powerful, head on and straight forward. Diddi’s vocals still kill as do the six strings, the drums are essential without dominance and the bass thickens the guitar lines. This is THUNDER AND LIGHTNING’s fifth full-length and it shows, these guys should be playing the big shows by now but the masses are constantly deceived by big shows of lesser talented bands with model kit lyrics...

This is steel that was forged in the fires of the underground for 14 years, classic sounding Teutonic metal from Berlin


01. All your Lies
02. Demonicorn
03. Demmin
04. The Temple of Death
05. God for a Day
06. Heaven’s Gate
07. Salt to the Wounds
08. Telltale Signs


Robert Rath – Bass
Steve Mittag – Drums
Marc Wüstenhagen – Guitars, Vocals
Norman “Diddi” Dittmar – Lead Vocals
Fabrizio Agabiti – Lead Guitar

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Cover Picture

thunderandlightning demonicorn


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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