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stunner turbocitythenightfighter
Artist: Stunner
Title: Turbo City
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 13th June 2018
Label: Self-released

Album Review

It is not that I don’t like it rough but when I like it STUNNER is a good example how to rock hard and gnarly without sounding like a brain-damaged orang-utan on speed (no animals were harmed while listening to STUNNER). STUNNER from Gainesville, Florida first assembled in 2016 (At least that’s the first recording Pete found on his Phone, Metal heads are highly reliable...). 2017s ‘The Nightfighter’ EP was the first stuff that saw the light of day and 2018s ‘Turbo City’ was the band’s first full length output, word has it we can look forward to new stuff this year.

The vocals on this are rather rough and edgy but not without melody, the guitars are straight forward almost always riffing mid-tempo and the drums sound tight and really old-school. The band seems influenced by Punk and early NWOBHM due to their rather rough DIY sound. The guys put a smile on my face with ‘Adamantium Agenda’ because they obviously are Wolverine fans. The band audibly evolved between the two outputs I have at hand here, the vocals are better and the overall sound is way better and more smooth, more sophisticated. Check out STUNNER because they rock!


01. Steppin Out
02. Adamantium Agenda
03. Turbo City
04. Lone Wanderer
05. Off The Rails
06. Wheels Of Fire
07. Into The Night


Mitch – Bass
Daniel – Drum, Vocals
Peter – Guitars
Prince Regent Johnald Fairplay – Guitars, Vocals

Website /

Cover Picture

stunner turbocitythenightfighter


Music: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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