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sabire gatesajar
Artist: Sabïre
Title: Gates Ajar
Genre: Acid Metal
Release Date: 17th May 2019
Label: No Remorse Records

Album Review

And finally I managed to get my hands on: SABÏRE! In fact I wanted to review the guys around Scarlett for quite a while now but something always got in the way, first it was work and then I had a lot of other things on my hands that were both good and bad. So now I had the time and the balls to ask Scarlett if I could do a write-up of the first EP ‘Gates Ajar’. Scarlett and his band got my attention through the German Deaf Forever. It was in this magazine I read a lot about the circumstances of the bands whereabouts. Originally formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) in 2010, the band went on hiatus after Scarlett moved to Australia (Sydney, New South Wales to be precise). SABÏRE’s journey to the kind of recognition they are finally getting now was a long and complicated one but I will be honest here: if every band would release music that well-made, sophisticated and positively cheeky I would gladly wait 8 years for the next release of one of my favourite bands.

I am dead certain that we will hear a lot of SABÏRE in the coming years (if I have the right to a say in that matter), I really dig this overall, completely. The compositions, the mix, the songwriting and Scarlett’s voice to top it off. The vocals mainly manage with topics like sex, BDSM and so on and in an uncouth way (like it should be, it’s a natural thing but I seldom experienced this approach in music). Songs like ‘One For The Road’ and ‘Rise To The Top’ breathe the magic of bands like HIGH SPIRITS or DIAMOND HEAD while ‘Slave To The Whip’ and ‘Make Me Shiver’ remind me of W.A.S.P (Scarlett’s look is a heavy reminder of Blackie Lawless). If you need a fresh bunch of earworms do as I say and check out SABÏRE!


01. Helheim (Intro)
02. One For The Road
03. Rise To The Top
04. Black Widow
05. Slave To The Whip
06. Daemons Calling
07. Make Me Shiver


Paul Corben - Drums
Zoran Mrakic - Bass
Ivor Radočaj - Guitar
Scarlett Monastyrski - Guitars and Vocals

Website /

Cover Picture

sabire gatesajar


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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