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Rosstheboss bornoffire
Artist: Ross The Boss
Title: Born Of Fire
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 6th March 2020
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

OK this is another big shot: ROSS THE BOSS, the band of Ross Friedman (ex-MANOWAR, ex-DEATH DEALER, ex-MANITOBA etc.). Formed originally in 2006 when multi-instrumentalist and promoter Tarek Maghary (ex-DAWN RIDER, MAJESTY) organised an appearance by Ross at the Keep It True Festival in Germany where they played as MANOWAR tribute MEN OF WAR (the name ROSS THE BOSS came a bit later). The first time I accidently stumbled upon the RTB band was in 2015 when vocalist Mike Cotoia surprised me with his awesome vocals. This record named ‘Born Of Fire’ is the bands fourth output to date.

Sometimes I board the hype-train a bit late, missing out on big parts of a bands career. Maybe that is the reason I was taken aback a bit because I expected a vocalist that performs in a way similar to Eric Adams or Mike Cotoia. But after a few songs you will feel the groove. Lopes is a totally different kind of singer, raw, wild and undoubtedly a bit manic (at least while holding the mic). His style reminds me of HELSTAR’s James Rivera. The overall compositions sometimes remind me of old MANOWAR here and there but not too much. My favourite is ‘Undying’ because it is catchy and Lopes vocals are right up my alley on this one ‘Godkiller’ is quite too contrary, a bit too long and a tad bit monotonous.

If you are a fan of Friedman’s work or just an old romantic like me who loves everything that reminds him of old MANOWAR (the first six and from there on single songs) you should check this out.


01. Glory To The Slain
02. Fight The Fight
03. Denied By The Cross
04. Maiden Of Shadows
05. I Am The Sword
06. Shotgun Evolution
07. Born Of Fire
08. Godkiller
09. The Blackest Heart
10. Demon Holiday
11. Undying
12. Waking The Moon


Marc Lopes – Vocals
Ross Friedman – Guitars
Mike LePond – Bass
Steve Bolognese – Drums

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Cover Picture

Rosstheboss bornoffire


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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