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spell opulentdecay
Artist: Spell
Title: Opulent Decay
Genre: Heavy Metal / Occult Rock
Release Date: 10th April 2020
Label: Bad Omen Records

Album Review

Tonight we will spend some time with another Canadian class act: SPELL! SPELL is a power-trio comprising Cam Mesmer (lead vocals / bass), Graham McVie (guitars / backing vocals) and Lester Spectre (drums / backing vocals). The band started out as STRYKER (not to be confused with STRIKER, the other Canadian Metal band who released records on Napalm Records); at first the guys played more of a Thrash oriented style of Metal only to later change their name as well as overall musical attitude and approach. ‘Opulent Decay’ is SPELL’s third full-length record. Although they play Heavy Metal with Occult Rock moments there are quite a few bits and pieces that feel like the band is inspired by Doom Metal too.

Cam Mesmer’s voice would fit perfectly for an old-school Doom band, Mc Vie’s riffing and Spectre’s drumming often has a 70s feeling to it, melody driven and playful they make listening to the song material a real joy. The music of SPELL has horror elements to it but that is only a part of the musical narrative, there’s proggy parts and psychedelic strolls that lead astray, away from the general direction a song normally takes. SPELL’s ‘Opulent Decay’ is a musical lucky bag and you should see and hear what’s inside because it might be what you are searching for.


01. Psychic Death
02. Opulent Decay
03. Sibyl Vane
04. Primrose Path
05. The Iron Wind
06. Dawn Wanderer
07. Deceiver
08. Ataraxia
09. Imprisoned by Shadows
10.Saturns Riddle


Cam Mesmer – Bass, Vocals
Lester Spruce – Drums, Backing Vocals
Graham McVie – Guitars, Synthesizers

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Cover Picture

spell opulentdecay


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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