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scenius held
Artist: Scenius
Title: Held
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 8th May 2020
Label: Self-released

Single Review

SCENIUS draws inspiration from the early Electro-Pop outfits - both pre-Punk (KRAFTWERK, BRIAN ENO etc) and Post-Punk (NEW ORDER, DEPECHE MODE etc), through to contemporary bands (LCD SOUND SYSTEM and BOARDS OF CANADA) - to pursue in their own way the same thrilling mission: to make vintage synths and rhythm machines sound soulful and touching. The duo is composed of UK producer Steve Whitfield (THE CURE, THE MISSION…) and French singer Fabrice Nau.

The third single from this duo, and perhaps the most challenging to write a review for. Commercially speaking this is not a natural choice - it is not the track that will have record companies envisaging a windfall of cash. However, I feel it is probably the “SCENIUS in a nutshell moment” from the three singles released. If I were to try and write a thousand words on how SCENIUS are sewn together, what bonds their sounds to their soul, I could not do a good a job as sitting a listener down and playing them ‘Held’. It is an easy route into understanding where this interesting band are going - for sure if you want to grasp their overall appeal listen to their previous singles.

This time, SCENIUS have presented an open door into the very heart of their presence, spoon fed it to the listener. The same glorious analogue synths dominate in creating the soundscape, Fabrice’s voice is soulful as ever, with a lovely echo added to carry you off into the dreamy distance.  It is not going to appeal to everyone, as I say a difficult to write a review, I love it and don’t want to sound in the slightest negative - but it’s a brave choice for a single. A track that I get the impression that Fab and Steve so desperately wanted to share with us. I am so glad they did.


Steve Whitfield – Synthesizers, electronics and production
Fabrice Nau – Vocals


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scenius held


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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