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3teeth metawar
Artist: 3Teeth
Title: MetaWar
Genre: Electro Metal / Industrial / Industrial Metal
Release Date: 5th July 2019
Label: Century Media

Album Review

From LA California. Formed in 2013. Released three albums, their self-titled debut in 2014, ‘<Shutdown.Exe>’ in 2017, ‘MetaWar’ being their most recent release from 2019. The genesis of the band started a weekly party called Lil Death hosted by Alexis Mincolla where he and Xavier Swafford met Andrew Means. It started out as a fun “passion project” to begin with but after the music gained some online traction they auditioned Chase Brawner. And so 3TEETH were officially formed! The name? Yes, the name is inspired by Odontomancy. Instead of reading runes, one would read the teeth!

The whole album is suffused with musical sign posts that lead the way back to bands such as SPINESHANK, COAL CHAMBER and KORN with that grating bouncy bass and grinding bittersweet guitar! With heavy smearing of WHITE ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON and NIN thrown in. After I had listened a couple of times, I read that Sean Bevan returned to mixing duties on this album after doing the same on ‘<Shutdown.Exe>’. This is punchy, forthright in sound and execution. Blunt and to the point! I feel engaged! I don’t feel like tuning out, I am locked in. Tracks like ‘American Landfill’ envelope my senses with viscous abandon whilst ‘Sell Your Face 2.0’ has a warm bouncy feel to it that also feels like I’m being whipped by a warm oily chain whilst walking a tightrope hovering over a pool of molten silver whilst a rain of fire descends from the darkness above… all the tracks are a melding of the bands mentioned above, no track for me screams out one particular band, the feel is alchemical.

Sean Bevan has done a good job producing and mixing this, so far, I’ve not heard a weak track. The goose bumps and shivers are coming along nicely thank you and I am pumped and ready to stomp my platforms, if I had platforms on that is. I can’t stop my foot from tapping the tiles with the same vigour as a weary traveller waiting in line to go through airport security, unlike them I have patience and plenty of it! ‘Timeslave’, what a track! I almost wish I had a trampoline instead of a bed and higher ceilings! It’s only 3:27 minutes long, I’m a slave for the duration. The track ‘Blackout’ is the most Mansonesque for me from the vocal delivery and the guitar riff that sounds like it’s been gifted from ‘Mechanical Animals’. In fact, the last three tracks are the most Mansonesque I think, very Zim Zum, very Pogo.

To sum up, if you are into Industrial Nu Metal that’s “Thematically centred around concepts of accelerationism and the political heresy of inviting the end as an opportunity as a fresh start” then this is the album for you! If not, it’s still a gripping listen!


01. Hyperstition
02. Affluenza
03. Exxxit
04. American Landfill
05. President X
06. Altær
07. Time Slave
08. Bornless
09. Surrender
10. Sell Your Face 2.0
11. Blackout
12. The fall
13. Pumped Up Kicks


Alexis Mincolla – Vocals
Chase brawner – Guitars
Xavier Swafford – Keyboards
Andrew Means – Bass and Modular Synth
Nick Rossi – Drums


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3teeth metawar


Music: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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