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twintribes liveatfascinationstreet
Artist: Twin Tribes
Title: Live at Fascination Street
Genre: Post Punk / Darkwave / Coldwave
Release Date: 1st May 2020
Label: self-released

Album Review

We very rarely do review live releases, but now the soul requires something like that - warm and cosy, with the spirit of Gothic old school, released on a physical media (although in the era of streaming plat-forms this is still that kitsch and fan service). Think of it as an unbridled bout of nostalgia. TWIN TRIBES released ‘Live at Fascination Street’ in spring, consisting of the hits of the first two albums. Those that we missed, but making up for it now. It was recorded live by HeathSoSpooky at The East Room in Nashville, TN on December 23, 2019 with live synth on ‘Shadows’ by Vincent Segretario from WINGTIPS.

The release features an extremely successful setlist for a live album. It opens with ‘Exilio’, as it should be - smoothly, atmospheric, ranging from Coldwave to Post Punk. Then ‘Heart & Feather’, that reminds of all Gothic Rock hits at once, brooding New Wave / New Romantic ‘The Vessel’, and then disturbing, echoing the modern Coldwave ‘Portal to the Void’. Dark and cold ‘Tower of Glass’ as the culmination of the show. One of them. ‘VII’ brings a bit of mysterious dark romance, a kind of sweet sticky darkness that glues the whole set into one performance. Nostalgic, slightly horror synth ‘Upir’ and ‘Still in Still’ sounding similar to it are replaced by ‘Shadows’, where THE CURE’s motives are evident. Live ‘Talisman’ is a vintage mix of Darkwave and Coldwave, while ‘Fantasmas’ is a bouncy Gothic Rock action.

It’s simple, nothing more - the perfect live recording. No congestion, anguish, drama. Everything you need to recover. And for those who are lucky enough to attend this event, it is a great way to immerse yourself in pleasant memories.


01. Exilio
02. Heart & Feather
03. The Vessel
04. Portal to the Void
05. Tower of Glass
06. VII
07. Upir
08. Still in Still
09. Shadows (feat. Vincent from WINGTIPS)
10. Talisman
11. Fantasmas


Luis Navarro
Joel Nino, Jr.

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Cover Picture

twintribes liveatfascinationstreet


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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