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tdw thedaystheclockstopped
Artist: TDW
Title: The Days The Clock Stopped
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 4th December 2020
Label: Layered Reality Productions

Album Review

To review something of a friend is somewhat strange, but curiosity got the better of me and I just had to do it. So here we are with Tom de Wit’s newest output, trying to seize the prog throne from the likes of AYREON, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ and FATES WARNING. Spoiler Alert: this is more artsy and personal than FATES WARNING’s newest entry in the great book of prog. Musically this scary, tragic and sad journey of a record is offering us the whole spectrum of everything that is rudimentary labelled as progressive music. We have moments that are comparable to Peter Gabriel’s work in the 80s, we have moments that remind me of AYREON in one moment and ENCHANT or SPOCK’S BEARD in the next.

There’s chaos intertwined in melodies, harsh vocals next to clear ones and every time you hear a drum-kit you wonder about the skill of the machine operating it (big shout-out to Fabio Alessandrini of ANNIHILATOR). By the way: I really dig the Synths on this record, I recently realized I like synth music (the older you get). The story of Tom and his disease, his hospitalisation and him barely surviving all this is not for the faint of heart. It made an imprint on him and shaped him into the man, the musician and the friend I know today (it was totally clear I had to experience this journey in the passenger’s seat in order to better understand the bloke). Some may think only vain can drive a musician to do a record that is so personal and self-centred but this is actually not true or not completely true...

In Tom’s own words: “There is no pleasing everybody and that is okay. Though in this case, I hope the album and/or the documentary can be of help to anyone who is fighting a disease like this. It’s not just about my story, but it’s about finding the strength to carry on and finding the energy to live life to the fullest if you survive. If even just one person would take that away from this project, I would be perfectly happy.” I, for one, can say that I can definitely see a musician that is constantly refining his skills and compositions in order to better express himself and his musical vision.

This is a personal journey made audible by a survivor.
This is Progressive.
This is Art.
These are “The Days The Clock Stopped”.
I have spoken.
Watch the video for ‘Death and Her Brother Greg’:


01. Crashscape
02. Clockstop – Insight X
03. Code of Conduct
04. Clockstop – Insight 2
05. Sleepless Angels
06. The Pulse
07. Clockstop – Insight 3
08. Death and her Brother Greg
09. No Can Do
10. Clockstop – Insight 4
11. Epilogue – A String of Repeats
12. All We Could Do (CD only Bonustrack)


The main musicians
Tom de Wit - Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations
Rich Gray - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (Aeon Zen, Annihilator)
Fabio Alessandrini - Drums (Annihilator)
Remco Woutersen - Cello solo parts

Solo’s per song
#04 - Marco Sfogli (Solo artist, James LaBrie, PFM & Icefish)
#05 - Daniel Magdič (Prehistoric Animals, Ex-Pain of Salvation)
#06 - Koen Romeijn (Detonation, Heidevolk)
#08 - Chris Zoupa (Teramaze)
#09 - Andi Kravljaca (Bioplan)
#09 - Matthew op ‘t Einde (IDEK.)
#09 - Luca Di Genarro (Soul Secret)
#10 - Norbert Veenbrink (Dreamwalkers Inc)
#11 - Lennert Kemper (Dreamwalkers Inc)

Laura ten Hoedt, Cailyn Erlandsson, Nicole de Ruiter, Iris van ‘t Veer, Rikke Linssen, Stan Eimers, Ron Brouwer, Rich Hinks. Abraham Sarache

Website /

Cover Picture

tdw thedaystheclockstopped


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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