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twinsinfear unification
Artist: Twins in Fear
Title: Unification
Genre: Indie / Electro
Release Date: 27th November 2020
Label: Scanner / Dark Dimensions Label Group

Album Review

TWINS IN FEAR is a new electronic project of the Ukrainian-Swiss duo Maria and Lena who both live in Hamburg at the time. They both have worked as background singer and dancers for several projects in the past. In 2019 they decided to express their emotional world in their own songs. The result is a mixture of electro pop and gloomy synthesizer tunes. The lyrics are in German, Russian and English. In their own words: “Most pop songs are happy and designed to put you in a good mood. Our music is the exact opposite. We don’t want to promise a good mood if that’s not what we’re feeling. Why shouldn’t we share our tears with you? We also want to sing about bad thoughts and reveal our fear of this world.”

Their debut album ‘Unification’ was primarily announced for May but rescheduled half a year due to the Corona crisis. Before the album release, back in early 2020 and only a few weeks before the shut down the duo could be seen live as a support act on the “Female Electro Bizarre” tour with the German band GRAUSAME TÖCHTER. The fact that these two bands shared the stage was no coincidence. In fact, there are several links between them. Recording and mixing for both acts is done by Gregor Hennig while Hans-Jürgen Osmers is responsible for arrangements and production. They also publish their work on the same label. Aranea Peel, singer of GRAUSAME TÖCHTER, is responsible for the photos and artwork of the album.

There is not much information available about the duo, yet. However, they did an interview with American online magazine Static Realms. In this interview they were asked whether they are really twins. They answered: “Yes, we really are twins, as in we are of one mind. We always feel, smell, taste and think like one girl. No matter the situation, we share the same experience. Once we come together, that’s when the magic happens. In other words, we are one person divided into two bodies. You might think you're seeing two girls, but in reality, there’s only one.”

The duo has also released two videos which both can be found on YouTube:
‘Abseits’, released on December 8th 2019:
‘Geld’, released November 26th 2020:

If you like GRAUSAME TÖCHTER make sure to give them a listen. In case you do not know both of them but like electronic music off the beaten track give them a try as well!


01. Abseits
02. Geld
03. Herz
04. Unification
05. Allein
06. Wo die Sonne nicht scheint
07. The Hunt
08. Rätsel
09. Träume Explodieren
10. Vampir
11. Bus verpasst!
12. Through the Darkness
13. Angst


Lena & Maria Dabrova

Website: /

Cover Picture

twinsinfear unification


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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