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thrillsville saygoodbyetothelightArtist: Thrillsville
Title: Say Goodbye To The Light
Genre: Dark Electronic / Dark Dance / Dark Wave / Industrial / Dark Synth / Synthpop / Goth Rock
Release date: 4th December 2020
Label: No Comment Records

Album Review

THRILLSVILLE, a band named after a Kentucky Themepark, is the Dark Electro solo project of producer and composer Rani Sharone who is also known for his band STOLEN BABIES. Not to me he’s not, this is my first exposure to any of his output but my interest has been perked! Based in Los Angeles he has worked with the likes of MARILYN MANSON and PUSCIFER and has also written music for film and television including the Netflix series ‘My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea’. This album has five tracks on it and goes on for a duration of around 25 minutes, so it’s long enough to get involved in but so long that it becomes tedious boring or tiresome. What I get from it is a B Movie vibe.

‘Fever’ is the first track. It has a cocky strut to it and moves along as fluidly as a stream going on a gentle meander down a hill with a gentle incline. Darkly dancy in a crouch down and hard stare kind of way. I’m definitely feeling it! There are very faint echoes of DEPECHE MODE in this too, not too much but just a little nod. ‘So Closer’ takes the strut down a notch into MANSON / SKINNY PUPPY / FLA territory! More stomp in tone and execution and still pleasing on the ear. ‘The Caller’ is slower to start and around the middle takes on the aura of electro anthem. There’s not really a dancey vibe here, more of a sway and hold your lighter aloft scenario. But it’s not an out of place track that breaks up the flow.

‘Second Sleep’ emphatically stomps its way through its duration with a bass that's like a meat cleaver, erm, cleaving cheese. I love the wiry guitar line that also insinuates itself into the mix as well garrotting your ears! It’s, erm, cheese wiry, lol. Final track ‘Body Bag’ is “suspensual”. Like it would not be out of place in a comic book film noir. The chugger chugger chugger chum bum Chugga Chugga Chugga Chum bum impedes my making of toast fingers to go with my boiled eggs cos my arse won’t keep still. The kettle boils and provides the misty atmosphere. This is all furtive glances and raised collars this is!

In conclusion, I like the album. It’s a good introduction to THRILLSVILLE and it is a fluid experience all the way through. There are no flights of fancy or ideas that should not be here that break up the flow and ruin the listening experience. It's dark, it’s sludgy and it's silky in places and danceable. Not bad at all!


Rani Sharone - All Instruments and Vocals
Dominique Lenore Persi - Additional Vocals on tracks 1 to 4
Gil Sharone - Drums on ‘The Caller’


Cover Picture

thrillsville saygoodbyetothelight


Music: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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