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tc75 rooms
Artist: TC75
Title: Rooms
Genre: Industrial / Electro-Industrial / Techno
Release Date: 1st January 2021
Label: 9XO Media

Album Review

TC75 aka Tino Claus is known as a tireless artist in the electronic underground, who acts both as the front man of AMNISTIA and has been causing a sensation for several years with his solo project TC75. Started in 2016, he has released an abundant number of albums and EPs so far that can be heard and seen. The artist was also always able to convince live with his strong presence. The year 2021 is ushered in with his latest EP ‘Rooms’ on tape, CD and digitally, although the number of tracks differs. In the digital version, which can be heard on BandCamp and all common streaming platforms, there are a total of seven tracks in different variations.

It starts with the extended version of the self-titled EP track, which is stimulated by a driving sequence and some industrial-heavy noises. The beats are powerful and danceable and are ensnared by some fading speech samples. The number itself is monotonous and brings out some playful effects and atmospheric areas. After a few minutes, Tino's powerful vocals come into play, which are successfully integrated into the overall mix. A furious number that knows how to convince across the board. Next up is ‘The Voice In Your Head’ a bit darker, with shrill and haunting sequences and industrial-heavy breakbeats. The vocals alternate between deeply spoken and whispered rattling. The ambient areas condense the gloomy mood in the background and ensure a lasting atmosphere. The number is relatively entertaining, but it sticks.

This is followed by a live version of ‘Rooms’ from the NCN special 2020, which shows the initial track in a shorter version for the best and clearly recorded, but also adds Tino’s live vocals, which are in no way inferior to the studio version. Here you can see very well how much energy the artist can put into his voice. MONSIEUR DESASTREUX aka Andreas Schubert, front man behind FULL CONTACT 69 & PROLETURAN, was next allowed to contribute a remix version to ‘Rooms’, which is also extremely club-like and danceable and delivers strong electro-industrial beats. The song itself is cool and especially pleasing due to the varied arrangement. Eli van Vegas, front man behind ZWEITE JUGEND, then delivers a strong Techno remix of the title track of the same name from this EP, which relies on straight sequences, danceable beats and impressive effects. The number is even a little longer than the extended version, but due to the rearing arrangement it leaves a lasting impression and makes a nice floor stomper with an organic dynamic.

Exclusively in the digital release there is the extended version of ‘The Voice In Your Head’, which is much longer, but reinforces the nice atmosphere and contains some sophisticated peculiarities. This number is also beautifully staged and leaves a lasting impression. This EP ends at eleven minutes and eleven seconds with a ‘Smothereduction’ variant of ‘Rooms’, which continues in a lounge downtempo style and initially presents some spacey sounds to the listener. Here and there some clap and hat gimmicks come into their own, so that the arrangement is piecemeal and experiments with itself. A nice end to take a deep breath!

All in all the ‘Rooms’ EP is quite varied and provides a nice crossover between electro- industrial, industrial and techno. Friends of this genre as well as fans of the artists involved will certainly enjoy it and can listen to this EP without a doubt. It's easy to imagine that one or the other track can be interesting for a lot of DJs, since ‘Rooms’ is quite a floor stomper in itself. You can't go wrong with getting this EP.


01. Rooms (Extended)
02. The Voice In Your Head
03. Rooms (Live At NCN)
04. Rooms (Monsieur Desastreux RMX)
05. Rooms (Eli Van Vegas RMX)
06. The Voice In Your Head (Extended)
07. Rooms (Smothereduction By TC75)


Tino Claus


Cover Picture

tc75 rooms


Music: 8 / 10
Sound: 9 / 10
Total: 8.5 / 10

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