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thronehammer incantationrites
Artist: Thronehammer
Title: Incantation Rites
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 4th March 2021
Label: Supreme Chaos Records

Album Review

THRONEHAMMER is a Doom band consisting of musicians from Durham, UK and Fürth, Germany and they play wicked heavy Doom Metal. My first contact with the band (contact as in: I read about them) was over an article in the German magazine Deaf Forever (a Doom Metal special I think). Next thing was checking the band out and take a listen and what can I say? I dig it! Heaviness is only one word to describe their musical approach, heavy riffs and dark and gloomy vocals do the trick to merge all this into something that is more than its mere parts.

There are a gazillion Doom bands out there, most of them aren’t half bad and a few are destined to spearhead their own little category, THRONEHAMMER could be one of the latter as they manage to create epic and dark soundscapes that are both heavy and disarming. And Kat’s voice is rich and powerful, perfect to counter the down-tuned riffs and the phenomenal work of the rhythm section that is Schmidt and Ströhlein.

If you like CONAN but are in need of better and more clearly audible vocals: check out THRONEHAMMER! If you dig the melodies and the raw heaviness of SLEEP but cannot dig Al Cisneros vocals: check out THRONEHAMMER! And if you love KHEMMIS but think that it lacks a bit of grit and rawness: BUY THIS FUCKING RECORD!


01. Incantation Rites
02. Thy Blood
03. Eternal Thralldom
04. A Fading King
05. Beneath Black Cloudmasses
06. Devouring Kingdoms
07. Of Mountaintops and Glacial Tombs


Kat Shevil Gillham – Vocals
Stuart West – Guitars
Tim Schmidt – Bass
Markus Ströhlein – Drums
Uwe Void – Bass

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Cover Picture

thronehammer incantationrites


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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