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tribulation liveatsodrateatern
Artist: Tribulation
Title: Alive & Dead at Södra Teatern
Genre: Death Metal / Dark Metal / Gothic Metal
Release Date: 15th November 2019
Label: Century Media

Album Review

For the recording of their latest live-album TRIBULATION chose a very special location in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Södra Teatern is one of the oldest theatres in Stockholm and it comes along with rows of seats. You got it! Those who wanted to enjoy this special live setting, had to remain seated and to enjoy a Metal show remaining in your seat, might be one of the strangest experiences in your own Metal fan career. TRIBULATION is widely known for their unique performance that merge Death, Dark and Gothic Metal during their live shows and so I was quite curious how this unique recoding session would turn out. The show is divided in two acts, the first one covering TRIBULATION’s album ‘Down Below’ and the second part which is more like a best of the bands enormous back-catalogue.

If you ever enjoyed one of TRIBULATION’s live shows, you know what pleasures will become audible, if you press the play-button, but be aware that the true feeling of a live Metal show, is missing, which might be due to the seated crowds and the fact that this leads to less energy from the crowd. I missed ‘The Horror’ on the setlist, a song that is a fan favourite during TRIBULATION’s live shows, but I guess it was due to the historic and opulent setting that the song was not on the setlist, it would not have suited the historical building. The sound is good and Jonathan Hulten and Adam Zaars on guitars prove that they have a wide range of genres and know how to get the crowd moving, while Oscar Leander on drums keeps everything together and makes sure your ears face a good blast on drums. Johannes Andersson balances everything out and his performance of lyrics yet has to find an equal talented vocalist in the scene.

It was a solid show and you can feel the bands dedication to the music and the will to deliver a good show for this special recording, but one of the band’s strength is missing: getting the audience moving. The band might have fulfilled one of their own dreams with recording the show at this unique venue, but for a real live album they should have chosen a venue that gives the crowd the chance to be a more active part of the show.


Akt I (LP1)
01. The Lament
02. Nightbound
03. Lady Death
04. Subterranea
05. Purgatorio
06. Cries From the Underworld
07. Lacrimosa
08. The World
09. Here Be Dragons

Akt II (LP2)
01. Trollens Brudmarsch
02. Melancholia
03. The Motherhood of God
04. Rånda
05. Ultra Silvam
06. Guitar Solo
07. Strange Gateways Beckon
08. Strains of Horror


Johannes Andersson – Vocals, Bass
Adam Zaars – Guitars
Jonathan Hultén – Guitars
Oscar Leander – Drums

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Cover Picture

tribulation liveatsodrateatern


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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