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teramaze sorellaminore
Artist: Teramaze
Title: Sorella Minore
Genre: Progressive Rock / Metal
Release Date: 11th May 2021
Label: self-released

Album Review

If making absurdly melodic and insanely progressive yet captivating music was a tournament TERAMAZE would shatter most of the competition Mortal Kombat style. The Australian five-piece play together since their formation in 1993 and it seems they are here to stay. ‘Sorella Minore’ is the band’s eighth full-length output and this one pulls the heartstrings and all the right triggers right off the bat, the 25-minute-long title track has a phenomenal Dean Wells on vocals paired with three guest vocalists (Nathan Peachey, Silvio Massaro and Jennifer Borg). From clear vocals to growls, from melodic narratives that morph into insane shredgasms there is hardly anything a prog fan won’t find in this one song. ‘Stone’ is a ballad that reminds me of the late nineties alternative rock, catchy, soulful and sadness inducing.

To think that these guys earlier records were more Thrash Metal oriented until they became Christians is mind boggling, these compositions are as far away from most thrash bands as it gets. This is the second outstanding record I get to review of these guys and as much as I love Thrash Metal, I am happy TERAMAZE play exactly what they play. This is for fans of SYMPHONY X, THRESHOLD and even SPOCK’S BEARD, just perfectly captured mindscapes and fantastic journeys accompanied by enchanting melodies.


01. Sorella Minore
02. Stone
03. Take Your Shot
04. Between These Shadows


Dean Wells – Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Cameron – Bass
Nick Ross – Drums
Chris Zoupa – Guitars

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Cover Picture

teramaze sorellaminore


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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