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ravager thethirdattack
Artist: Ravager
Title: The Third Attack
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 18th June 2021
Label: Iron Shield Records

Album Review

So I decided to safe my lazy ass a little work and cite the press-text: “RAVAGER is a Thrash Metal band from Walsrode, founded in late 2014 when Marcel Lehr (guitar), asked Dario Rosenberg (guitar). To complete the line-up both asked former band members and consequently bass player André Sawade and vocalist Philip Herbst joined. RAVAGER started working on their first songs, the search for a drummer has ended: André chose to take the chair as new drummer and he loves it ever since.”

See? I only skipped the introduction. Music-wise these guys play a rather hectic and pretty energetic interpretation of the good old Thrash Metal we all know want love. The vocals sound like Philip uses sandpaper on his vocal cords before smoking cigars and drinking whiskey (raw as fuck, in short). When it comes to riffs and melodies the responsibility lies with Marcel and Dario and they take it quite seriously. The guitars just shoot riff after riff like a machine gun, shredding as fast as lightning. Justus and André are clearly steering and steadying this Thrash Metal vehicle. If you are into the more melodic Thrash Metal releases (with melodic vocals and a bit less face-crushing brutality) you might be wrong here, if you love it raw, fast and aggressive as hell you should check this out.


01. Intruders
02. Planet Hate
03. Back To The Real World
04. Priest Of Torment
05. A Plague Is Born
06. The Third Attack
07. Beyond Reality
08. Ma Own Worst Enemy
09. King Of Kings
10. Destoyer


Philip Herbst – Vocals
Marcel Lehr – Guitar
Dario Rosenberg – Guitar
Justus Mahler – Bass
André Sawade – Drums

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Cover Picture

ravager thethirdattack


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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