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pharaoh thepowersthatbe
Artist: Pharaoh
Title: The Powers That Be
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 18th June 2021
Label: Cruz del Sur Music

Album Review

When it comes to the heavy music mainstream PHARAOH still is an insider’s tip. I don’t understand why to be honest because these guys craft great, highly melodic songs that instantly rent a room inside your head and these tunes are bound to stay! PHARAOH formed in 1997 and they might be a bit more famous if not for the two restless workaholics Chris Black (AKTOR, DAWNBRINGER, HIGH SPIRITS, PROFESSOR BLACK etc.) and Tim Aymar (ANGBAND, HELIOS, AYMARGEDDON etc.). These guys cannot stand still or stop to write, play and perform (to be honest I love HIGH SPIRITS so it is good to have these maniacs). PHARAOH play kick-ass US Power Metal: catchy, melodic and without the extra cheese you get when ordering the European interpretation. Black and Kerns play is rhythmically complex and full of clever transition that make it hard to not call PHARAOH a progressive Power Metal band but it is there, at least in bits and pieces. Johnson’s riffs and Aymar’s powerful yet variable and rich voice play so very well with the rhythmic base that is Black and Kerns that it is very hard to find something to bitch about. If you love nicely crafted expertly played and very melodic music then you should check this out and pre-order it at the Cruz del Sur Website.


01. The Powers That Be
02. Will We Rise
03. Waiting To Drown
04. Lost In The Waves
05. Ride In The Waves
06. When The World Was Mine
07. Freedom
08. Dying Sun
09. I Can Hear Them


Chris Black – Drums
Matt Johnsen – Guitars
Tim Aymar – Vocals
Chris Kerns – Bass

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Cover Picture

pharaoh thepowersthatbe


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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