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trouble psalm9 reissue
Artist: Trouble
Title: Psalm 9 (Re-Issue)
Genre: Doom
Release Date: 4th June 2021
Label: Hammerheart Records

Album Review

When it comes to Doom you can almost always count me in for a review, to finally review the very early Doom band TROUBLE is a nice trip down memory lane or better yet a travel back in time. Originally formed in 1979, Eric Wagner and his pals created what we call one of the major influences for most modern Doom Metal bands. Sure, the sound had a Hard Rock foundation and some kind of Punk influenced DIY attitude (the production was cool for that time and space but today it would feel forced to sound like this). This was definitely a first step into Doom territory but the music was still quite fast and complex and the vocals of Wagner can be compared to a mix of Jon Oliva (SAVATAGE), Axl Rose (GUNS’N’ROSES) and JP Abboud (ex-GATEKEEPER, TRAVELLER etc.)

The song-writing is deep, frantic and not what nowadays would fly as typically Doom sound-wise. The pacing is also a bit faster than what we perceive as Doom in this day and age but TROUBLE sell their style of writing, composing and executing their music so well that you don’t, for a minute, doubt their Doom Metal cred. If you happen to be new to the Doom scene and need orientation when it comes to the sound: sound-wise there are parallels to bands like BLACK SABBATH (guitar sound), PENTAGRAMM (atmosphere) and the newer band CRYPT SERMON (vocals). I can only recommend to check this out and get in TROUBLE. PS: the restoration of the audio is excellent and lets this masterpiece shine in a brighter light than ever before.


01. The Tempter
02. Assassin
03. Victim Of The Insane
04. Revelations (Life Or Death)
05. Bastards Will Pay
06. The Fall Of Lucifer
07. Endtime
08. Psalm 9
09. Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Line-up (1984)

Eric Wagner - Vocals
Rick Wartell - Guitars
Bruce Franklin - Guitars
Sean McAllister - Bass
Jeff Olson - Drums

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Cover Picture

trouble psalm9 reissue


Music: 10
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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