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trouble theskull
Artist: Trouble
Title: The Skull
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 4th June 2021
Label: Hammerheart Records

Album Review

As mentioned in the review to the first re-issue ‘Psalm 9’, TROUBLE is definitely early Doom Metal but not with the trademark sound we know nowadays. TROUBLE is devoid of elements that, for example, Sludge or Funeral Doom uses. There is a Damocles sword of inexplicable sadness hanging over the heads of those who dare to listen, there is playful technicality in the compositions and there is this raw and high and fantastically phantasmal voice of Eric Wagner. For me, ‘The Skull’ sounds kinda occult and more haunting, hopeless yet enchanting than ‘Psalm 9’, just like they were a step closer to their definite sound than before.

The mixture of TROUBLE’s sound here is really a heavy metal revelation, there are riffs that have that Thrash Metal feeling to them but the melodies itself often zone out into NWOBHM territory, never emancipating themselves from what we call Doom. Songs like ‘The Wish’ are the reason why evolution let us grow ears, this record just grips you tight and never lets you go until it is finished with you at the 43:07 timestamp. If you define Doom with the beginnings of BLACK SABBATH, think twice and get into TROUBLE.

PS: I highly recommend anything this band has ever done if I did not make this clear enough!


01. Pray For The Dead
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Wish
04. Truth Is - What Is
05. Wickedness Of Man
06. Gideon
07. The Skull


Eric Wagner – Vocals
Rick Wartell – Guitars
Bruce Franklin – Guitars
Sean McAllister – Bass
Jeff Olson – Drums

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trouble theskull


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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