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scald willofthegodsisgreatpower reissue
Artist: Scald
Title: Will Of The Gods Is Great Power (Reissue)
Genre: Epic Doom Metal
Release Date: 23rd July 2021
Label: High Roller Records

Album Review

The story of SCALD, just like their music, is shaped by loss and sadness. The band was formed in 1993, their debut was released in 1997, a month after vocalist Agyl died in a rather mysterious railroad accident. SCALD disbanded after the bands founder and mastermind had died, in 2019 the band reunited to perform at the “Hammer Of Doom” Festival and have stayed together ever after. The debut has lost nothing of its strange charm and as time went by grew stronger in intensity.

Agyl’s voice was something else entirely, from Messiah Marcolin to Eric Adams, his inspirations are always within grasp and he was indeed capable of doing both justice. Both guitarists Harry and Karry are irreplaceable as is bass player Velingor and drummer Ottar. The band was a living, breathing living being only able to exist as a unit (sound-wise that is). If you take your time you come to realize that this was an impressive collection of talents and that, if fate would not have interfered, this talent would not have gone unnoticed. Ok, maybe there would have never be this kind of cult about SCALD but I constantly ask myself what if?

The reissue was mastered for vinyl by legendary Patrick W. Engel at his Temple Of Disharmony. The release comes limited to 1,000 pressings, which are 300 black vinyl albums, 300 electric blue, 300 clear/ grey marbled and 100 “fire splatter” coloured vinyl records which are HRR mail-order exclusive. This comes in 425gsm heavy cardboard cover with a four-page insert. The CDs coke in a slipcase and an additional second CD with ten bonus tracks


01. Night Sky
02. Eternal Stone
03. Ragnaradi Eve
04. Sepulchral Bonfire
05. A Tumulus
06. In The Open Sea

Bonustracks (CD-Version only)
01. My Sin
02. Ragnaradi Eve
03. Hail to England
04. Ravens
05. Blues Improvisation
06. Poy Guslyar!
07. Kuznets Voiny
08. Cherny Zamok
09. Sokol
10. Kanun Ragnaradi


Agyl (R.I.P. 1997) – Vocals
Harald – Guitars
Karry – Guitars, Keyboards
Velingor – Bass
Ottar – Drums, Percussion, Vocals (backing track 4)

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Cover Picture

scald willofthegodsisgreatpower reissue


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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