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sonofsam andthemonsterawoke
Artist: Son Of Sam
Title: And The Monster Awoke…
Genre: Death ‘n’ Roll / Death Metal / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 11th June 2021
Label: Self-released

Album Review

Hailing from Borås (Sweden), SON OF SAM was conjured in 2019 by Throllv and Tobias in the wake of their former band RIMFROST. The duo indeed escaped from the RIMFROST’s Black Metal roots and embraced Death Metal vigour in their new pathway, but they could not break free from the evil tendency, melodic tenebrosity, and cut-throat aggression from the past. And thus, SON OF SAM barrels along a new direction with the same force and spirit. The Swedish two-piece worked really hard during the first year to finish the debut album, ‘And the Monster Awoke...’ To present a glimpse of their work to the listeners, they unleashed a three-track demo, titled ‘In Darkness and Dismay’, in 2020. Later, they presented a slew of singles from the full-length before the release date on June 11, 2021. Here’s my assessment of the finished product...

For the first part of this album it soars like a large bird on an updraft. Even better it soars like those dragons in Avatar. It’s satisfying to the ear and has a pleasing ebb and flow. I love the wiry guitars that dance with a vocal that sounds like it’s being spat out through finely ground flint shards. It reminds me of Vince Neil for some reason. Especially on the track ‘Depravity’. If only my back could take the strain of jumping and headbanging then I’d be up boogying to ‘My Nuclear Desire’ This has an anthemic operatic chug to it. Great stuff! ‘Gods Of The North’ is operatic and open like Taiga transforming into Tundra. It’s spacious and sinewy cold in my view. I can see the vapour on my breath now, which is weird, in July. Around track seven I’m now starting to get a bit, not bored, tired! Is it the fact that the music is getting a bit samey? Whatever it is, I need to have a break before resuming…

I’m back, fed and watered and ready to complete this listening experience. ‘Space Rider’ is track eight on the roster. It gets my foot tapping and banging the side of my chair with a fair amount of enthusiasm. There are some good moments as I’ve alluded to, but, there’s nothing really new going on or anything that stands out and says “LOOK AT MEEEE!” The album is workman-like, it breaks no new ground and like a Big Mac it does what it’s supposed to do. It entices and then it satiates, until you’re in need of another fix. After 55 seconds of ‘Hypersleep’ we are into ‘The Wicked Inside’. This is, for me, that “LOOK AT MEEEE!” moment. The tremolo picking and double kick drumming take equal billing to the chugga chugging of the bass and soot and marbles vocals. A head bobbing, I am with quite a bit of enthusiasm followed by chair gyrations of a satisfying nature. This would be my favourite track. The final track has a bout of METALLICA and MEGADETH about it, especially the former’s ‘’Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’ album from 1986.

Look, on first listen this is a mixed bag. It’s not bad, it just does not jump out at me like an angry raccoon out of a hessian sack. But I shall give it some more time and see whether or not the subtle flavours start to ooze out and infuse the entire piece with a different taste / vibe / feel, call it what you will. I think this is gonna be one of those tastes acquired through repeat listens type of albums.


01. Son of Sam
02. I am
03. Mr. Sinister - Evil Minister
04. Depravity
05. My Nuclear Desire
06. Gods In The North
07. In Darkness And Dismay
08. Space Rider
09. Hypersleep
10. The Wicked Inside
11. Vengeance


Throllv - Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Tobias Oja - Bass, Guitars and Backing Vocals

Sebastian Svedlund - Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals in ‘I Am’
Markus Wikander - Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals in ‘Depravity’
Emma Hacker - Backing Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius - Backing Vocals
Christer Johansson - Backing Vocals


Cover Picture

sonofsam andthemonsterawoke


Music: 6.5
Sound: 6.5
Total: 6.5 / 10

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