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ryghar thurmeciaeternal
Artist: Ryghär
Title: Thurmecia Eternal
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23rd September 2021
Label: Rafchild Records

Album Review

“One year and eight months ago, I made the acquaintance with Ryghar Highwind, Commander of the barbarian horde ‘The Silver Company’. We met in a Thurmecian Pub called Insta-Gram and got along right from the start as we both are quite fond of swords, fighting and share a burning hate for the vile Lich King.” Long story short: we became mates and now I write about his first full-length release ‘Thurmecia Eternal’.

From the ‘Untitled Demo’ in 2020 to ‘Thurmecia Eternal’ it seems that a lot of development happened, when this started it was a one man show and now we have better vocals, a whole band, merchandise and a label. And from what I am listening to right now I can say this is well deserved and it will be celebrated by the epic metal community. Musically there are influences felt and heard of RAINBOW, ETERNAL CHAMPION and, of course, CIRITH UNGOL. If you like the mentioned bands and have a soft spot for theatrical metal that is not the usual mainstream stuff the big labels shove down our throats you might fall in love with the songs about the boreal kingdom of Thurmecia, betrayal, murder and vengeance. All hail Thurmecia!


01. A Castle, a Still Lake, a Forest, And a Valley Deep
02. Cair Vasturhaf: A Flaming Sunset on the Parapets of the King of the Western Sea
03. A Desperate Plan on the Field of Battle
04. We Make for the Deeping Pass
05. A Baleful Wind Cries Above the Ziggurat Esoternium
06. Temple of the Crystal Spire
07. Hammers in the Halls of the Deep
08. In a Land Where the Sun Never Sleeps
09. The Witching Blade


Ryghar Highwind – Vocals
Thorigrimm – Guitar
Skullsück – Keys
Ryan Keeley/ JD – Drums
Meryl Daggyrd – Guitar
Whiteclaw Nohelm – Bass

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Cover Picture

ryghar thurmeciaeternal


Music: 10
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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