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tentation leberceaudesdieux
Artist: Tentation
Title: Le Berceau Des Dieux
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 24th September 2021
Label: Gates Of Hell Records

Album Review

There are not many bands from France I bang my head to but TENTAION is one of the very few to be honest. Formed in 2012 in Toreilles, France ‘Le Berceau Des Dieux’ is the band’s first LP after releasing an EP in 2015 and a single and a split in 2018. The album title is translated as “the cradle of the gods”; the title is a result of the bands interest in mythology and ancestral legends. Musically this often reminds me of the IRON MAIDEN days before Bruce Dickinson left (1982-1993) to be replaced by Blaze Bailey (1994-1999), galloping riff, extraordinary melodies with tons of transitions and even bits of complexity to spice things up.

Here and there I even get reminded of MERCYFUL FATE (‘Le Couvent’) when there are parts that sound rather occult and vocalist Patrice Rôhée hits the high notes. Guillaume Dousse’s riff attacks are mostly delivered in mid to up-tempo pacing and they ooze the Heavy Metal old-school spirit. Thanks to the band only using one guitar player you can, at all times, hear the bass (which is very nice as it is unusual). Laurent Metivier’s drums are used in a way that always serves the song material which I really dig. Quite solid first entry in the bands discography when it comes to full-length outputs. Maybe I learn a bit of French for the next one...


01. L’Exode
02. Le Couvent
03. La Chute Des Titans
04. Interlude
05. Le Taureau D’Airain
06. Conquérants
07. Baldr
08. Blanche
09. L’Enfant De Gosthal
10. Heavy Metal


Patrice Rôhée – Vocals
Guillaume Dousse – Guitars
Guillaume Pastor – Bass
Laurent Metivier – Drums

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Cover Picture

tentation leberceaudesdieux


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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