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skunkanansie 25live25
Artist: Skunk Anansie
Title: 25Live@25
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 25th January 2019
Label: Boogooyamma

Album Review

Music is a very personal experience. Live music even more, almost rapturous one. That’s why live albums are mostly sentenced to success. SKUNK ANANSIE made a very successful attempt to bring their live shows’ spirit close enough to their fans and pack their precious heritage into a 25-years-anniversary present.

The band is an essence of London’s Alternative Rock music of the 90s and has its unique and willpower path. Lit up in 1994 its music fire, the band didn’t expect to be talked about 25 years later. It’s hard to overrate that the band was gathered around a hyper charming and charismatic singing lady with the soft nickname Skin and made its breakthrough with ‘Paranoid & Sunburnt’ under watchful eye and ear of producer Sylvia Massy in 1995. After releasing three powerful albums, SKUNK ANANSIE disbanded in 2001 just to be back to the music world again in 2009 with releasing the album of 15 best songs and afterwards with new material.

In 2013 the acoustic live album was recorded in London and released, so ‘25Live@25’ is the second live album in the band discography. The material was recorded during different live shows in different years and diligently edited by the band’s long-time trusted sound manager Jeremy Wheatly.

Be prepared to experience a sound marathon with all the consequences while listening! From the first sounds of ‘Charlie Big Potato’ to the last of tender ‘You saved me’ it feels like standing in the first row realising all the x-thousand crowd behind you and the band at arm’s length. The album appears to be a time machine which takes as for a mad ride firstly back to 90s and straight forward to the present time making a big leap through 2010s. No matter how great their albums are, the real SKUNK ANANSIE experience is live, on stage. That’s the true thing that fans crave for - the essence of music in its full power.


01. Charlie Big Potato
02. Intellectualise My Blackness
03. Because Of You
04. I Can Dream
05. Charity
06. My Love Will Fall
07. Death To The Lovers
08. Twisted
09. My Ugly Boy
10. Weak
11. Hedonism
12. I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero

13. Love Someone Else
14. This Is Not A Game
15. God Loves Only You
16. (Can’t Get By) Without You
17. Secretly
18. Over The Love
19. Spit You Out
20. Yes It’s Fucking Political
21. Selling Jesus
22. Little Baby Swastikkka
23. Tear The Place Up
24. Squander
25. You Saved Me


Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer)
Martin “Ace” Kent
Richard “Cass” Lewis
Mark Richardson


Cover Picture

skunkanansie 25live25


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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