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rhapsodyoffire gloryforsalvation
Artist: Rhapsody Of Fire
Title: Glory For Salvation
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Release Date: 26th November 2021
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

Formed in 1995, it is safe to say RHAPSODY OF FIRE had their ups and downs over the years, the roster changed, musicians left on good terms and fans where divided but in the end, after there are now RHAPSODY OF FIRE and LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY, the fans won because they now have double the dose. Ok, I know that there are a bunch of gatekeeping people that do think that this is not “real” Heavy Metal and that is not the typical tough-guys-kinda-music BUT: technically these guys are dope as fuck and Giacomo Voli is an insanely talented and accomplished vocalist who hits high notes that could cut a hole into a Sherman Tank.

Normally I don’t like Symphonic Metal that much to be honest but ‘Glory For Salvation’ is, aside from literal tons of cheese, a well thought-out and beautifully composed collection of song that are just great fun to listen to if you got the balls to drop your guard and embrace your inner fantasy nerd that still loves ‘Lord of the Rings’ and other glorious stuff like that. Songs like ‘Terial The Hawk’ with its use of flutes and the very outlandish and highly melodic beginning are really something special, ‘Un’Ode Per L’Eroe’ and ‘La Esencia De Un Rey’ seem to be the same song in French and in Italian (very melodic and beautifully put together). Be it as it is: this is not a neck-breaking record to raise your fist to but it is very nice when it comes to its structures and it is really an uplifting little ray of light in these trying times.

If you are not aware of this band and need more context to know what I am babbling about: this is for fans of bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, GLORYHAMMER, AVANTASIA and KAMELOT. Highly recommended for a chill evening and staying at home, buy this!


01. Son Of Vengeance
02. The Kingdom Of Ice
03. Glory For Salvation
04. Eternal Snow
05. Terial The Hawk
06. Maid Of The Secret Sand
07. Abyss Of Pain II
08. Infinitae Gloriae
09. Magic Signs
10. I’ll Be Your Hero
11. Chains Of Destiny
12. Un’Ode Per L’Eroe
13. La Esencia De Un Rey


Giacomo Voli – Vocals
Alex Staropoli – Keyboards
Roberto De Micheli – Guitars
Alessandro Sala – Bass
Paolo Marchesich – Drums

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Cover Picture

rhapsodyoffire gloryforsalvation


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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