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sentenced amok rerelease
Artist: Sentenced
Title: Amok (Re-Release)
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 22nd October 2021
Label: MDD Records

Album Review

I don’t know what the mindset of these Finnish dudes were when they did enter the studio in 1995. The sound is groove, melodic as hell and overall pretty dope but SENTENCED was still a record away from the sound I loved so well. Most vocals on ‘Amok’ sound very raw, brutal and rather unpleasant to sing to be honest. I fully understand the hype around a classic like ‘Amok’ because this sounds, as raw and hectic as it sometimes is, really different to most of the other stuff that was released unto the heavy metal world at that point in time. Most metal heads probably just started to understand that something as harsh and heavy as Death Metal can actually sound melodic and groovy aside from just hard as fuck. To be honest, the first record that made me aware of SENTENCED in a major way was ‘Down’. ‘Down’ really did get me, it did surprise me. The vocals still sounded raw but Ville Laihiala (the new vocalist) was a more melodic and accomplished singer which resulted in an overall more organic and way more melodic sound, this made the band fascinating to me. ‘Amok’ has its moments, ‘Forever Lost’ comes to mind, or the band’s first big hit ‘Nespenthe’. All in all, the ever-changing style of SENTENCED was one of the things that made them a very interesting band.


01. The War Ain’t Over!
02. Phenix
03. New Age Messiah
04. Forever Lost
05. Funeral Spring
06. Nespenthe
07. Dance On The Graves (Lil’ Siztah’)
08. Moon Magick
09. The Golden Stream Of Lapland


Taneli Jarva - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Miika Tenkula - Guitars
Vesa Ranta - Drums

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sentenced amok rerelease


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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