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tonymartin thorns
Artist: Tony Martin
Title: Thorns
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 14th January 2022
Label: Battlegod Productions

Album Review

Tony Martin is probably best known for the time he was with BLACK SABBATH when he followed singers like Ronnie James Dio (ex-RAINBOW, DIO), Ian Gillen (DEEP PURPLE), Ray Gillen (ex-BADLANDS among others) and Glenn Hughes. Tony sang on ‘Eternal Idol’, ‘Headless Cross’ and ‘Tyr’, ‘Cross Purposes’ and ‘Forbidden’. The ever-changing roster of musicians in BLACK SABBATH is as much a part of the bands myth as is the music itself. Tony Martin’s range was the stuff of legend and it still is when the material on this record is any measure of how much his voice still packs a punch.

The songs are quite diverse in style and execution but Tony’s voice elevates them all. ‘Crying Wolf’ and ‘Nowhere To Fly’ remind me of BLACK SABBATH Dio-era as much as Tony’s own part in the band’s legacy (brilliant stuff). Tracks like ‘Passion Killer’ are more modern and remind me of a mix of PANTERA and JUDAS PRIEST when Ripper Owens was the frontman. It is unreal how young this man still sounds (maybe never touched cigarettes or whiskey in the last 35 year, who knows?). If you know and love records like ‘Headless Cross’ and ‘Cross Purposes’ this right here is up your alley. It has been 17 years since ‘Scream’ and I can only speak for myself but this was worth the wait.


01. As The World Burns
02. Black Widow Angel
03. Book Of Shadows
04. Crying Wolf
05. Damned By You
06. No Shame At All
07. Nowhere To Fly
08. Passion Killer
09. Run Like The Devil
10. This Is Your Damnation
11. Thorns


Tony Martin - Vocals
Scott McClellan - Guitars
Magnus Rosen - Bass
Danny Needham - Drums
Greg Smith - Bass

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Cover Picture

tonymartin thorns


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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