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phantomspell immortalsrequiem
Artist: Phantom Spell
Title: Immortal’s Requiem
Genre: Retro Rock / Prog
Release Date: 19th August 2022
Label: Wizard Tower Records

Album Review

In my honest opinion Kyle McNeill, frontman of London based legends SEVEN SISTERS, is one of the most astounding songwriters, composers and overall musician of modern-day Metal. The way McNeill manages to create, craft and give birth to extraordinary, captivating and moving melodies and lyrics is just plain impressive to me and even if I am not one of the big guns when it comes to my name or standing in the overwhelming mass of writers: I do write and review since 2012 so that's a good decade of listening to hundreds and hundreds of musicians good, bad or ugly and that should lend a bit of weight to these words. The Pandemic of the last 31 months has had quite the effect on any human being on this planet, no wonder that musicians all over the world write about it, get inspired by it or do something special in their time of isolation (self-inflicted or mandatory). Kyle McNeill decided to do a tribute to write and execute this love letter to the odd deity of prog rock.

So, if you are at all familiar with McNeill’s work with SEVEN SISTERS you already know quite a bit about his skills, add a little bit of the sound of bands like KANSAS, QUEEN or DEEP PURPLE and you might get a sense of what I am experiencing as I write this. There is a lot to discover when it comes to the tracks, all over three minutes long of course. But it is very hard to name a fave upon this barrage of heavy melodic epics. If I had to name only two favourite tracks on ‘Immortal’s Requiem’ they would have to be the title track and ‘Blood becomes Sand’, both are very deep, dynamic and complex songs that can be listened to over and over without getting stale or boring. What McNeill did accomplish with both SEVEN SISTERS ‘Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt.1’ and PHANTOM SPELL’s ‘Immortal Requiem’ is something that many musicians would kill for. Fun fact: with ‘Moonchild’ there’s also a cover version of the Rory Gallagher Song on this phenomenal record.

This man is on the top of his game since the last SEVEN SISTERS output and ‘Immortal’s Requiem’ is only further proof of the fact that he and his band are among the most skilled and gifted contenders of the throne once the legends of old have left our mortal plane...


01. Immortal’s Requiem
02. Dawn Of Mind
03. Seven Sided Mirror
04. Up The Tower
05. Black Spire Curse
06. Blood Becomes Sand
07. Moonchild (Rory Gallagher)
08. Keep On Running (Alternate Version)


Kyle McNeill – all instruments / vocals

Website /

Cover Picture

phantomspell immortalsrequiem


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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