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rroyce rroarr
Artist: Rroyce
Title: Rroarr
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 19th August 2022
Label: Recordjet

Album Review

I remember reviewing Dortmund Synth Pop band RROYCE a number of years ago. There was a fizz and pop of enthusiasm and ambition in the music, and despite an occasional cryptomnesia to the song-writing, a feeling that they were on to something. The blurb that comes with album number four, punditically saddled as ‘Rroarr’ - a truly terrible title it has to be said - is so gushing with platitudes, I suspect the band got their mothers to write it. Which does make it somewhat impossible to live up to.

Opening track ‘Venom’ certainly has a go. There’s an absolute shed-load of self-belief and energy melodically stomping about the place until exploding in a glitterball of pent-up angst about half way through. Over-earnest vocals, yes. But on the right side of parody. And things go completely off-grid on the jittery ‘Paranoic SL’, before settling into a standard electro-trump on ‘Fox P2’ - it’s all a bit synth-pop-by-numbers at this point, perfectly workable, no doubt great in a club setting, but somehow tired, despite massive intakes of adrenalin.

‘Where The Morons Walk’ - lyrically settling somewhere in its mid to late teens - is dreadful, despite good intentions. ‘My Head Is Full Of You’ pushes the electro-emo button, aiming for somewhere in SOLAR FAKE territory, but there’s a gulf between them. And ‘I Look Nicer With You’ skips merrily by, but is also mired in lyrics so bad you have to hope it’s deliberate. Closing track ‘Call Of The Void’ tries a VNV NATION send-off, but falls way short, a soggy sashay through every cliché in the book.

Sadly, this is less of a ‘Rroarr’ and more of a whimper. Old and tired song structures, production that saps the life out of everything, and lyrics woefully lacking in anything meaty or meaningful. There’s nothing here really other than treading water, and ‘Rroarr’ is merely a distraction and a footnote in an overcrowded genre.


01. Venom
02. Paranoic SL
03. Fox P2
04. Pause For Thought
05. Rebuilt. Reborn.
06. Where The Morons Walk
07. Whipping Boy
08. Another
09. My Head Is Full Of You
10. Something Natural
11. Answers And Questions
12. I Look Nicer With You
13. Lifetime
14. Social Media Fake
15. Call Of The Void


K. Lipka – Music / Programming
A. Lelittko – Guitar
C. Kriegler – Lyrics / Vocals

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rroyce rroarr


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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