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Title: Rapalje (DVD)
Artist: Rapalje   
Genre: Folk
Release: 2007
Label: Rapalje


Rapalje is a well know folk band in the Netherlands. They are also giving a lot of performances in Germany where folk is a popular music style. Rapalje used to be just Dieb, Maceál and William but some guests are joining them so often, they seem like a part of the band. One of these guests is William. For this show they also had 2 dancers with them. All of them together were the guarantee for a great folk filled evening.


Dieb – Vocals, fiddle, Tin Whistle, Accordeon
William – Vocals, Gitouki, Mandolin, Bodhrán, Tea-Chest-Bass
Maceál – Vocals, Harmonica’s, Gitouki, Bodhrán, Tea-Chest-Bass
David – Highlandpipes, Borderpipes, Tin Whistle, Low Wistle
Koosje and Jarno – Hardhoe and Shortshoe Irish Stepdance


Detailed Review

The booklet of the DVD looks great; black, with a golden imprint of their logo. Inside you can find information about each of the performers in English, Dutch and German. A the back of the booklet are the song texts and a set list.

One by one the men of Rapalje enter the stage; building up the musical tension. ’Tune for a Found Harmonium’ is perfect for this. The mood is set by the red lighting. Then the dancers come on, climb up on their platform and the party has started. The music is now accompanied by the ticking of the Irish dancing shoes. David also joins in on whistles. The audience is immediately very enthusiastic.

Then the band is introduced and also their instruments, they each introduce one of the other band members. For instance William is playing the Gitouki, a crossover between a guitar and a bouzouki. Each song title is shown on a banner at the bottom of the screen.

Many songs are intertwined, so after about 9 minutes it is time for song number 9. Many instruments are played during the show, all four men show they are multitalented. When it is time for a break in the show Maceál announces to the camera that at home you should stop the DVD and have a drink as well. Then they play ‘Wat zullen we Drinken’, the perfect drinking song.

After the break the feast continues. ‘Loch Lomond’ is sung under the guidance of a softly played bagpipe while holding torches. A serious moment in this show but greeted with equal enthusiasm. David is wearing half a harnas while playing, when he is playing ‘Farewell to the Creeks’ the torch on his helmet is lit. I have to admit it looks a bit comical. They then bow together as if they were truly saying goodbye but that is not the case of course. The torches are still burning and the audience is still shouting. William comes back for an encore together with David. Then Maceál joins in and then Diep, finally also Koosje and Jarno come back on stage for another dance. The show goes on for a few more songs still but lets not tell everything or you wont’ have to watch the DVD anymore.


The extras consist of backstage footage of the build up to the show. You get some extra information about the instruments and about what it takes to prepare for a show. There are of course many jokes and pranks included! The footage is all homevideo quality but fun to watch. There is also a photo section. These are of a mediocre quality, they don’t look truly professional which is a pity.


01. Tune for a Found Harmonium
02. Jock Stuart
03. Star of County Down
04. Rakish Paddy, Sheila Coyles
05. Lucy Cassidy
06. William Taylor, Drowsy Maggie
07. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
08. Ride on
09. Colley’s, The Maid behind the Bar, Whiskey in the Jar
10. Wat zullen we Drinken
11. Jig of Stars, The Athol Highlanders
12. You Couldn’t Have Come at a better Time, The Kesh Jig
13. Are Ye Sleeping Maggie
14. The Queen of Argyll, The Stride
15. Sally Gardens, The Congress Reel
16. Caledonia, Inis Oirr
17. Glen Coe, The Pumpkin’s Fancy, Crossing The Minch
18. Johnnie Cope, The Geese in the Bog, Turf Lodge
19. The Crown and the Ring, Morrison’s Jig
20. The Drinken Sailor, De beschonken schipper
21. Loch Lomond, Farewell to the Creeks
22. The Crooked Bridge, Brenda Stubbert’s Reel, Jenny Dang the Weaver, Itchi Fingers, MacArthur’s Road
23. Home is Where my Friends are, Pride of Petravorse
24. Crowley’s Reel, Mountain Road


Audio: 7
Video: 7
Concert: 9
Extras: 7
Total: 8 (7,5)


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