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Title: Lightbringer
Artist: RAM
Genre: Progressive (Power) Metal
Release Date: 12th June 2009
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

When a number such as the number 10 comes around you tend to think about all those times you had to count to 10 whether it was timing yourself or playing a game with your friends. That number has always been engraved in your mind and this time we can make an exception to allow the mighty 10's presents back into the game. Swedish metallers RAM have come out of the darkness into the way of the lightness with ‘Lightbringer’, a follow-up to ‘Forced Entry’ (2005), but this time around the light has made its path known and the ‘Lightbringer’ is now known by all, such as ‘Awakening the Chimaera’ which features guest vocals by E from black metallers WATAIN that adds a twist making the song more aggressive than it intended to be.

While other songs that stand out, ‘Blood, God’ and ‘Prelude to Death’, this duo having the right idea combining blood and death making this whole metal experience a whole lot better. The instrumental work done throughout this album brings out that metalling feel altogether having the right riffs and solos in the right places along with drumming tactics to match. The vocal side comes in smooth and clear bringing out that melodic power metal vibe that lets the music build and build being as catchy and upbeat as possible. In the ending process RAM's latest addition is downright over the edge with raw energy that keeps flowing through and though.


01. Crushing The Dwarf Of Ignorance
02. Lightbringer
03. In Victory
04. Awakening the Chimaera
05. Ghost Pilot (MI II)
06. Suomussalmi (The Few Of Iron)
07. Blood God
08. Titan
09. The Elixir
10. Prelude to Death


Harry Granroth
Oscar Carlquist
Daniel Johansson
Morgan Pettersson


Cover Picture


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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