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Title: This is war
Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Genre: Alternative / Progressive Rock
Release Date: 4th December 2009
Label: Virgin/EMI

Album Review

Here they are - back again, proclaiming that war is the way. Following this way from self-discovery and development over living your own dreams to a beginning revolution on their last two albums the conclusion seems to be very simple, that now in the end all leads into the great battle…

One will shout: “For the great day of wrath is coming… and who shall be able to stand?” in the light of the intro with all these voices of thousands of TSTM-fans. What an anthem! No wonder at all: it’s the ambition of this album to be the greatest fan album ever. Fans here, fans there, fans everywhere… almost every song is accompanied by the voices of thousands of fans - the video of ‘Kings and Queens’ was filmed with fans and over 2000 (!) different album covers with faces of Mars-Maniacs were used to meet this claim. ‘This is war’ was used by the game Dragon Age:Origins as their theme song. All these matters of fact should lead this album to glory…

Well, there’s the rub… although ‘This is war’ includes great songs with awesome compositional aspects by using electronic elements (Kings and Queens, This is war, Closer to the edge) by-and-by the choirs seem to fray. Honestly, after listening to this album several times, they are getting on my nerves. It’s obvious: with this recording, Jared Leto and his company tried to instruct their audience what to do on live concerts. This cannot hide the effect that the last songs on this album are just average material. ‘This is war’ is an acceptable release, but a little bit too ambitious… and nothing in comparison to their second album ‘A beautiful lie’.


01. Escape
02. Night of the Hunter
03. Kings and Queens
04. This Is War
05. 100 Suns
06. Hurricane (feat. Kanye West)
07. Closer to the Edge
08. Vox Populi
09. Search and Destroy
10. Alibi
11. Stranger in a Strange Land
12. L490


Jared Leto - Vocals, Guitar
Shannon Leto - Drums
Tomo Milicevic - Guitar, Keyboard
Tim Kelleher - Bass

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Cover Picture


Music: 6.5
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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