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Title: Musik über Niedergang & Verderben
Artist: Remember Twilight
Genre: Folk Metal
Release Date: 23rd April 2010
Label: Echozone/ Intergroove

Album Review

The album opens with the most beautiful and mournful violin and string melody, soon brought to power by a hard metal accompaniment; a perfect introduction to what already seems to be a very promising album. The same unique sound of folk strings against metal launches this song 'Künstler der Dekadenz' except this time there are vocals. The vocals are not really well balanced and I find it unfortunately impossible to decipher the lyrics because the backing totally overwhelms them which is really a crying shame. 'Die Feder' is track three and this time the vocals are somewhat louder but still not far enough forward in the mix to really do them justice. The backing is an excellent blend of traditional strings and contemporary metal and it's frustrating that the mix is so far off perfect because it's ruining what sounds as if it's an awesome album.

'Ich suche Gott' comes next, this time even more mournful than before but still the same vocal mix issues and fantastic track though it obviously is I'm having problems hearing the vocal correctly. 'Zu real' has a sharper, harsher sound to it than previous tracks and some thunderously good musicianship whilst 'Mackie Messer' is a far gentler and almost acoustic sounding track. The vocal is louder on this very interesting take on 'Mack the Knife' which improves things dramatically. 'In the long run' saunters along being at once jolly and also sinister. Again the vocal is far better mix wise on this and it gives me time to appraise exactly what a great singer is at work here.

'Am strand - Spuren im Sand' is unique to the album in the sense that piano takes precedence musically and it's really not much more than piano and haunting, hunted vocals. A very evocative track, it's by far the most emotive on the album. 'Ein Rendezvous' reminds us that this is a hard heavy album, but again it's unique in its own way because it's out of style with the rest of the album, being far more mainstream, but no less worthy for that. Likewise the penultimate track 'K.O' is a really hefty offering that rolls along and gets in your head. The last track being a remix blasts some danceable Electronica in there that is good in its own right but which I don't feel does this excellent band justice.

It's a very nice album; all the tracks are good, and the musicianship second to none. The vocals when you're able to properly hear them are fantastic, but a real shortcoming for me was the mixing and mastering which was nowhere near the calibre it really should have been. I really like this band and everything that they're trying to achieve, and even with the slightly dodgy mix it's still an album well worth buying.


01. sINnTROstlos
02. Künstler der Dekadenz
03. Die Feder
04. Ich suche Gott
05. Zu real
06. Mackie Messer
07. In the long run - Am Ende
08. Am Strand - Spuren im Sand
09. Ein Rendezvous
10. K.O.
11. KdD (Remix von Metallspürhunde)


Timo - Vocals
Felix - Guitar
Anna - Violin
Anne - Violin
Florian - Oboe
Jörg Orendi - Bass
Chriz - violin cello

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Music: 9
Sound: 6
Total: 7.5 / 10


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