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Artist: Skold
Title: Anomie
Genre: Industrial / Alternative / Rock
Release Date: 20th May 2011
Label: Dependent

Album Review

Tim Sköld has returned with a new album and if I have to find a proper word to characterise it that might as well be epic! Or to put it in other words, today there are many bands where the talent of their members and their production acolytes combined doesn’t even halve the one Sköld possesses alone. I think that the title of the album is utterly ironic. If one expects a certain “anomie” then he should search to find it inside his own head as the album deliberately shutters the preconceptions of what an album of Industrial should be and what it should sound like. At the bottom of it Industrial is just another word, at-hand for the companies to sell their stuff. And there are times that the genius and the creativity of an artist should be left without further explanations. ‘What You See Is What You Get’ but in it one should read a personal manifestation of musical freedom.

So is it Industrial? Yes it is, most notably in ‘Suck’, a humorous and angry song that is written to make you dance with its heavy and “dirty” post-industrial sounds. Is it Alternative? Indeed so, for the ‘Hunger’, this song would be fitting for a road-movie. Metal? I can assure you that many Metal bands would love to have ‘Angel Of Noise’ in their playlist. Classic Rock? Undoubtedly so for ‘Here Comes The Thunder’. And I haven’t even mentioned half of the songs I liked here. I’ll just add two more. ‘(This Is My) Elephant’ is angry and bitter at the same time (a reference perhaps to the “Elephant Man”?) opens the CD and catches you unprepared for what will follow. ‘Tonight’ has this upbeat Industrial feeling and just like ‘Suck’; both are open to tens of possible remixes. And the melancholy feeling that one gets from the last song comes as a bitter, way too bitter, but fascinating as well, closure of this CD.

Tim Sköld is brilliantly transcending many of the genres and all the easy classifications. He orchestrates them in a unique way, showing at the same time respect for all the music that has influenced him. And as Robert Desnos remarked about poetry - behind poetry that is free is a free poet, I feel that this applies to Sköld’s music also - behind this music free of limits there is a free musician. This album was a pure joy to listen to, I found myself surprised by unexpected songs which give a huge breadth and depth to the whole album. This CD deserves to become a classic. Don’t miss it!


01. (This Is My) Elephant – 5:02
02. Suck – 3:36
03. Black Out – 4:03
04. Angel Of Noise – 3:59
05. Satellite – 4:12
06. Becoming – 4:05
07. The Hunger – 3:40
08. Here Comes The Thunder – 4:44
09. And Then We Die – 5:01
10. Miserably Never Ever – 4:49
11. Tonight – 3:47
12. What You See Is What You Get – 4:58


Tim Sköld


Cover Picture



Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10


0 #2 ray dunkle 2011-08-15 13:59
Though it is tempting to assume that there's a break with Manson, I wouldn't go that far. But certainly Skold is influenced by many artists, either positively or negatively.
0 #1 Innervoided 2011-08-04 12:54
I just listened to the album and most of the songs are directed toward someone. The only thing that comes to mind is Manson . It seems to me a heart-break album toward Manson and his ideology ? He also uses some lyrics from nin "empire of dirt" and Manson ? I was mildly disappointed . I loved the 3 previous singles he released before this album.
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