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Artist: Saints of Ruin
Title: Glampyre
Genre: Alternative / Gothic Rock
Release Date: 20th May 2011
Label: Echozone

Album Review

American gothic rock formation SAINTS OF RUIN pleasantly surprises provoking no intention to compare the band with other projects of the kind which is a good sign because the genre is quite wide-spread now. Listening to the new album of the quartet entitled ‘Glampyre’ one can notice some specific features yet it’s hard to say what they are: the melodies are rather simple as well as the lyrics. But maybe that simplicity is the component which makes the songs of SAINTS OF RUIN original enough. The guitars are rich and a bit rigid, while the keyboard parts not too diverse. The vocals sound really good and thanks to the low timbre and southern intonations stand out against a background of some northern female singers with cold limpid voices. And of course such voice creates an interesting contrast with dark profound sound effects, so there’s no trace of operatic frigidity and subtle aesthetics. Technically the album is of high quality and the material presented on it produces an impression of completeness. However the album can’t be assessed unambiguously: some sophisticated listeners and devoted fans of gothic music may carp at the lack of sonic experiments in the music of SAINTS OF RUIN, while the others will regard it as a respite from mini symphonies and pompous orchestral arrangements.


01. Glampyre – 3:50
02. Fire – 3:55
03. Rain – 5:12
04. Love Dies – 4:15
05. Father Vengeance – 4:16
06. Slow Poison – 7:57
07. Certain Doom – 4:18
08. Labyrinth MMXI – 4:55
09. The Son – 6:31


Ruby Ruin – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Tommy Dark – Guitars
Michael Broadus – Drums
Kat Downs – Keyboard, Backing Vocals

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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