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Artist: Sleepwalk
Title: Revenge Of The Lost
Genre: Electro-industrial
Date: 29th April 2011
Label: Scanner Records

Album Review

Sleepwalk was founded by two Swiss men, Bruno Ruch and Oliver Spring, in 1992. After a few MCDs and albums, the band went on a long hiatus in 2005, but resurrected in 2009 with a new line-up, which included Andreas Lehmann and Roland Ruch in vocals besides the founder member Bruno Ruch, who's the main man behind the act's music. The same year, the trio went on to publish EP 'Revenge of the Lost' as a free download.

Recently released CD format version of 'Revenge of the Lost' has been extended to an MCD and includes four new remixes and 2 bonus tracks. On this album, Sleepwalk mixes old-school electro-industrial and pounding EBM rhythms with synth lines typical to Aggrotech (together with its characteristic, juvenile lyrics), throwing in selected elements of rhythmic noise. While the recipe sounds intriguing, the album unfortunately fails to captivate the listener. Sound and production are, overall, smooth - it's not an unpleasant listening experience, but not exactly the one to remember, either. At best, the album's mid-tempo tracks, especially on sinister 'Blindness', are reminiscent of early works of IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, [:SITD:] and the like. Unfortunately the rest of the tracks fail to provide further highlights, making the album easy to ignore.


01. Hunt
02. Blindness
03. Man Machine
04. Life as a Gift
05. Dig Your Grave
06. Control
07. Dig Your Grave (Encounter Remix by Painbastard)
08. Dig Your grave (Still Alive Remix by Reizstrom)
09. Control (Stereomotion Remix)
10. Dig Your Grave (Remix By Supreme Court)


Andreas Lehmann - vocals
Roland Ruch - vocals
Bruno Ruch - synthesizers, programming

Cover Picture



Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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