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introE-Werk, Cologne, Germany
21st November 2013
Suede & Teleman

The E-Werk has a lot to offer: in an area of 1,600 m², this unique venue combines the Wilhelmina style of architecture with the elegance of an ultra-modern function centre. It is just the right setting for events, galas, and concerts. During the summertime there were some rebuilding works to make the whole place more comfortable. The main hall were the SUEDE concert took place has a capacity of 2,000 people (standing). And even though there were several other big concerts, like DEPECHE MODE, were taking place this day in Cologne, the E-Werk was crowded and many people just preferred to see SUEDE… and I am sure they were not disappointed.


It is a bit hard to find some information of the band as neither their homepage, nor their Facebook appearance is helpful, but as a saying is “Google is your friend” I asked my friend. Thus I finally found something. The London, UK, based band TELEMAN was founded by the members Thomas and Jonny Sanders and Pete Cattermoul of PETE AND THE PIRATES in 2012 after the last mentioned split. For the drums they got Hiro Amamiya on board. In the media their music is described as a mixture of ROBERT WYATT with PET SHOP BOYS and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. From what I could find they have released a single in 2012 already, then in June 2013 the second one and if the information is correct, a self- titled album, too. /


Music & Performance
The venue was filled up to 2/3 when the band entered the stage. For my taste the sound was just too loud for the venue - not really bad or distorted but just too much. Though the singer has not a bad voice, he’s not that firm in the high notes. Their music reminded us partly of the soundtrack of ‘La Boum‘ (‘The party’ or ‘Ready to love’). Quite nice but not really exciting or surprising. But I think it’s hard to be a supporting act for a band like SUEDE.

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 6.2 / 10



Founded in 1988, the London, UK, based band experienced a changeful career with some changes of band members, a splitting in December 2003 and then the reunion in 2010. Though they were part of the musical wave called Britpop in the 90’s, they were not really the profiteers like BLUR and OASIS of it. But nevertheless they made it to build up a big faithful fan base. And of course they have lots of experiences in performing live as they were touring extensively the UK, Europe and USA. They released six albums, a best of album, one album with their hit singles and now in 2013 their new album ‘Bloodsports’. The actual line- up is Brett Anderson (vocals), Richard Oaks (guitar), Mat Osman (bass), Neil Codling (guitar, keyboard) and Simon Gilbert (drums). /


Music & Performance
During the stage rebuilding the venue filled, until it was almost packed with people who followed the band right from the early days and the younger ones who discovered the band just a while ago. I even noticed that there were people from the UK in the audience. Whilst the rebuilding time, the waiting crowd was informed that they can buy a live recording from one of their shows and you could see some sellers in eye- catching red T-shirts with a vendor’s tray walking through the venue. And as I learnt from an acquaintance there was a diverse offering of articles at the merchandise stand, with even SUEDE perfume candles. Well, obviously the band has enough self-confidence to offer all kind of merchandise items. Surely some bands of the alternative music scene could learn from them. The black background curtain was nicely draped which gave the light show some nice effects later.


When finally the band appeared, they were cheered loudly and right from the beginning the party started. SUEDE showed that they are live approved and know how to entertain. Of course the charismatic singer is an eye-catcher but apparently the whole band seemed to like performing as they were moving and dancing all the time. Brett convinced with solid live vocals and underlined the songs with much pathos while performing. The audience definitely enjoyed the show and moved, danced and sang as well. I found it quite striking that they played some songs without transition which gave the whole performance an interesting feeling. The set list was a good mixture between more rocking and slow contemplative songs. During the dynamic songs you could see that Brett disappeared from the stage every now and then, just to find out that he took a bath in the crowd, while he preferred to sit at one side of the stage, when he sang the more ballad songs with lots of passion, especially when he performed two songs acoustically.


Although they played quite a long set list it was almost disappointing that the concert ends with just one encore. This was apparently a good sign that we were entertained brilliantly.

01. Faultlines
02. Snowblind
03. It starts and ends with you
04. Trash
05. Animal nitrate
06. Can’t get enough
07. Sometimes I feel I’ll float away
08. What are you not telling me?
09. The drowners
10. Filmstar
11. Everything will flow
12. The 2 of us
13. Indian strings
14. Picnic by the motorway (acoustic)
15. For the strangers
16. So young
17. Metal Mickey
18. Beautiful ones
19. She’s in fashion (acoustic)
20. New generation

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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