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Seigmen 2017 001Støperiet, Tønsberg, Norway
16th December 2017

Last Saturday, a small Norwegian city called Tønsberg experienced a very special day. Five very well-known citizens received the “Tønsberg kommunes kulturpris for 2017” and played a fantastic concert at Støperiet the same evening.

I am talking about SEIGMEN! The mayor of Tønsberg, friends and family members surprised the band during the sound check before the concert. SEIGMEN was given the award for their effort in the cultural life of Tønsberg and whole Norway. SEIGMEN has influenced the Norwegian music scene like hardly any other Norwegian band and they also support and promote young musicians of Tønsberg. In my opinion the price was very well deserved!

Seigmen 2017 002

One of these young bands is COFFEE & CIGARETTES who played as support for SEIGMEN at Støperiet. The two guys rocked the stage and heated up the crowd for SEIGMEN. After a short break Alex, Kim, Noralf, Sverre and Marius opened their show with ‘Performance Alpha’ and by no later than that everybody knew that all the rumours were true. This evening was going to be a very special one - celebrating ‘Radio Waves’ 20th anniversary in front of a sold out house.

Seigmen 2017 003

The ‘Radio Waves’ songs are rarely played live and that night we were able to listen to five of them: ‘Performance Alpha’, ‘The world revolves around you’, ‘Trampoline’, ‘Guilt’ and ‘Neon Sun’. Unfortunately my favourite song, ‘Frost bite”’ was missing but the other songs really made good for that. It was especially outstanding to hear and see Kim perform ‘Guilt’.

Seigmen 2017 004

Besides the ‘Radio Waves’ songs, which all have English lyrics, the classical Norwegian SEIGMEN songs were not missing at all. The guys rocked the stage performing songs like ‘Ohm’, ‘Slaver av Solen’, ‘Mesusah’, ‘Döderlein’, ‘Nihil’ and ‘Fra X til døden’. Every single song was celebrated by the delighted crowd, which was singing along loudly and happily! Just as with ‘Guilt’, the atmosphere in the venue changed again completely when Marius sung ‘Agnus Dei’, the last song of the main set. It got quiet and people were waiting in anticipation. They got rewarded with a special performance again.

Seigmen 2017 005

After the band left the stage the fans called for more! And they got more! ‘Hva vi elsker’ opened the encores, and it was the perfect time for this song! After that the guys played ‘Dråben’, and as another special surprise Dan Heide, guitarist of ZEROMANCER and LJUNGBLUT, entered the stage to accompany the band. Especially for all the ZEROMANCER fans it was very nice to see him and also Lorry (working as technician that night) at a SEIGMEN show.

Seigmen 2017 006

As usual, the band finished the concert with their epic version of ‘Hjernen er alene’. I guess all the fans are looking forward to hear that song because it is a highlight for everybody. But at the same time everybody knows that this is definitely the last song for tonight. Another reason to give everything! During the whole concert, Alex, Kim, Noralf, Sverre and Marius gave their very best and they definitely carried everybody along with their great energy and the love for what they do.

Seigmen 2017 007

The entire show was supported by the great sound at Støperiet and the beautiful lighting on stage. Lorry, Petter, Børre and the whole crew behind SEIGMEN did a perfect job (once again!). Not to forget my dear friend Sandra who makes all the fans look good by selling the SEIGMEN merchandise in the loveliest way. Before I finish this review about an awesome night in Norway I have to talk about something else - something sad, serious and very important!

Zeromancer 001As some people already know Chris Schleyer, former guitarist of ZEROMANCER and dear friend of the band, has fallen sick with cancer. As he lives in the USA, the health insurance will not cover all the costs. Therefore he and his family need our help, and his wife started a campaign to collect some money to pay for all the extremely expensive treatments. Maybe you could help Chris to overcome this fucking cancer and donate some money. Even the smallest amount will help:

Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass guitar, vocals
Alex Møklebust - lead vocals
Noralf Ronthi - drums
Sverre Økshoff - guitar
Marius Roth Christensen - guitar, vocals

01. Intro
02. Performance Alpha
03. The world revolves around you
04. Ohm
05. Slaver av solen
06. I mitt hus
07. Fra X til døden
08. Nihil
09. Trampoline
10. Guilt
11. Neon Sun
12. Mesusah
13. Metropolis
14. Döderlein
15. Agnus Dei
16. Hva vi elsker
17. Dråben
18. Hjernen er alene

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9.5
Light: 9.5
Total: 9.8 / 10

Full gallery:
All pictures taken by Silke Jochum (

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