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The RasmusFZW, Dortmund, Germany
15th October 2018
The Rasmus, The Shiver & Overlaps

For a long time we did not hear anything from the Finnish Pop Rockers THE RASMUS until they released their current album, ‘Dark Matters’, last year. In front of the FZW, a predominantly female queue is waiting and the demographic distribution ranges from children to older couples. From the radio listener over the Goth fan to the mainstream Pop fan… everything is present. In 2001, Lauri (vocals), Eero (bass), Pauli (guitar) and Aki (drums) made their breakthrough with their album ‘Into’ in Finland. The successor, ‘Dead Letters’, lets the band ignite in Europe. With their current album and the new single, ‘Holy Grail’, they are now on tour in Germany.


The evening was opened by Italian Rock newcomers OVERLAPS from Pordenone. Singer Gloria quickly catches those people present with her rocking voice; the band is in a good mood and the audience claps hard. Also the sea of flashlights (better said cell phone lights….), enforced by the band, fits in the show. Unfortunately, after 25 minutes they say goodbye to the stage.

overlaps D3S8840 klein

01. Countdown
02. Right or Wrong
03. Dreams for Sale
04. On Monday
05. Scent of Rain / Hang on you
06. Is this really Love?

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.3 / 10

overlaps D4S7486 klein

The Shiver

THE SHIVER, the “Nu Dark Rocker”, also from Italy, are the next. This band exists since 2005 and even had a small hit in 2009 with ‘The Fragile Sound’. The sound is much harsher and a bit sluggish and does not really appeal to the audience, which could be mostly due to the vocals, but also to the completely overdriven bass. If you later listen to the band’s album, the singer’s announcement that she was ailing looks like an excuse.

theshiver D3S8905 klein

01. Intro
02. Ocean
03. Awaiting
04. Light Minutes
05. Electronoose
06. Adeline
07. The Fragile Sound

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 4
Light: 3
Total: 5 / 10

theshiver D4S7552 klein

The Rasmus

After 15 minutes of stage rebuilding, THE RASMUS leaves the troubled audience behind for another 15 minutes and entered the stage at 21:45. But with ‘F-F-F-Falling’ it all seems fast forgotten and the audience is immediately there to celebrate their favorite band. However, those who had hoped to actually “see” THE RASMUS that evening were greatly disappointed. The band is bathed in blue, green and red light that illuminates the stage from behind. Not a headlight from the front on the band but lots of lights on the audience. The faces of the band are unrecognizable, which could have been intentional, as the singer’s voice keeps going up in one volume no matter how far away the mic is from his face. All present photographers leave the place after three songs slightly annoyed. The fans do not seem to care.

therasmus D3S8910 klein

The audience sings ‘Justify’ and ‘Funeral Song’ almost alone, ‘First day of my life’ and ‘In the Shadows’ are celebrated. The band itself is in a good mood and the audience accompanies them loudly through the evening. The concert holds no surprises. The hits are played, the new tracks fill the voids and the performance of the band remains impersonal. In interaction with the “light show” completely disappointing for the frequent concertgoers. It does not matter to the fans anyway! In a good mood, clapping and sing along, the crowd celebrates itself. THE RASMUS have finally arrived in teen pop I would say.

therasmus D4S7598 klein

01. F-F-F-Falling
02. Guilty
03. No Fear
04. Paradise
05. Time to Burn
06 Immortal
06. Justify
07. Nothing
08. Wonderman
09. Not Like the Other Girls
10. Still Standing
11. Funeral Song
12. First Day of My Life
13. In My Life
14. Livin’ in a World Without You
15. In the Shadows
16. Wind of Change (Scorpions cover)
17. Holy Grail
18. Sail Away

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 3
Total: 5.5 / 10

therasmus D4S7606 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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