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Rival SonsRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
12th February 2019
Rival Sons

The club of the Rockhal was comfortably filled on Tuesday evening. Those who went into the hall were welcomed by Rock’n’Roll sounds from the 50s and 60s as well as Rockabilly Sound. Reason for that is the band RIVAL SONS which are known as the modern Blues Rock discovery of recent years.

Long before GRETA VAN FLEET, RIVAL SONS were the classic Rock band of the moment, the band that LED ZEPPELIN and co. should heir. In the meantime, the quartet has been in the business for more than ten years and is definitely no newcomer anymore. After appearances as supporting band of greats like AC/DC, ALICE COOPER, KID ROCK or JUDAS PRIEST, they were already sold out on two European tours in 2012, the first one for the most part and the second one completely. In 2015 they were on tour in Europe as support band for DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. And that RIVAL SONS are a great band and an absolutely worth seeing and hearing live act, they proved again with their appearance in the Rockhal. /

DSC 4983

Music & Performance
An image of a dog’s skeleton was displayed at the back of the stage, which eventually transformed into the group’s latest album cover as they walked out for the first time. Starting with ‘Back in the Woods’ and ‘Sugar on the Bone’ the band made clear that their latest record, ‘Feral Roots’, was the highlight of this evening. But also older songs like ‘Electric Man’ were played, so that every fan got his money’s worth. The audience in the hall was absolutely thrilled and rightly so - a brilliant and wonderful live evening for lovers of Rock’n’Roll and Blues Rock. Fantastic and remarkable was also the voice of singer Jay Buchanan, whose vocal commitment always completely inspired and cheered the audience. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud or sometimes soft, sometimes with shouting vocals - if you want to call Jay Buchanan a top talented singer, you’re not wrong here. The encore break went down in raging applause and standing ovation and with ‘Keep On Swinging’ RIVAL SONS finished their hammer performance in Esch.

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01. Back in the Woods
02. Sugar on the Bone
03. Pressure and Time
04. Electric Man
05. Too Bad
06. Jordan
07. Feral Roots
08. Torture
09. Face of Light
10. Sacred Tongue
11. Imperial Joy
12. Open My Eyes
13. Look Away
14. End of Forever
15. Do Your Worst
16. Shooting Stars
17. Keep On Swinging

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All Pictures by Elena Arens
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