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paddyhatsKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
15th March 2019
The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats, Support: Kings & Boozers

The combination of Irish folk and snotty punk rock is certainly not an invention of the last few months, but enjoys increasing popularity. A current example is the up-and-coming band THE O’REILLYS & THE PADDYHATS, who have written their own party hymn ‘Barrels Of Whiskey’ and have been guests in the Kulttempel Oberhausen on Friday to open their current tour.

Kings & Boozers

The evening started at 21:00 with KINGS & BOOZERS, an Irish-Folk band from Arnsberg, in front of a packed house. People were already in celebrating mood. St. Patrick’s Day was already calling. Not long was considered after the dissolution of Irish Folk-Punk band LADY GODIVA which was active nationwide and in neighbouring countries on all major and minor stages for twelve years. Now it was clear for some ex “ladies”: A new project had to come! It had to be loud and rocking and dirty anyway. Complemented by new and old faces on bass, guitar and tin whistle, LADY GODIVA songs are now interpreted in a new, fresher guise and get here one or the other surprising twist.

kingsboozers D4S0962 klein

The setlist is completed by cover versions and traditionals that are interpreted with the joy of playing and energy that only a new band can spray. With an extra portion of various varieties of Rock added, KINGS & BOOZERS are clearly more “Kings” than “Boozers” when it comes to rocking the audience. /

01. Intro: Raven first Part + Raven second Part
02. Brazen Rascals
03. One Whiskey
04. Remember the Time
05. Still got the Booze (Spirit)
06. Every Man
07. Bold Fenian
08. Drunken Scotsman
09. Seven Paddys
10. Wild Rover
11. Fighting 69

kingsboozers D4S0990 klein

The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats

Somewhere between FLOGGING MOLLY and the DROPKICK MURPHYS the seven musicians from “little Dublin” have been going for seven years now and the new album also invites you to rock, bawl, dance, or simply for a cosy whiskey or Guinness on. Upon entering the concert hall I was given a playing card by one of the musicians with whom I could later challenge my luck. What exactly that meant, I could not say but I was promised a fair selection process and so I prepared myself for a performance on stage… /

paddyhats D4S1009 klein

Music & Performance
Shortly after 10 pm, the seven members of the “Paddyhats” entered the stage, which was a small challenge for the band. There was not much space to act. When everyone had taken their seats, the wild ride started with ‘Barroom Lady’, followed by ‘Another Town, another Girl’ and ‘Circus of Fools’, directly the first two songs of the current album ‘Green Blood’. The fact that the latest work was in the foreground this evening is self-explanatory, but of course the “old” songs were not forgotten and so there was a colourful mix through the story of THE O’REILLYS & THE PADDYHATS.

paddyhats D4S1045 klein

The biggest surprise of the evening was not in the songs of the band. When in the previously announced, random selection process, the devil-bound violinist was to be released, and a volunteer was drawn, it met a gentleman with paddyhat from the front row who happily hopped on the stage. Fortunately, he won the arm wrestling with the devil and should now free the lady with the violin from the shackles, but now everything was different. He refused the request and said that he has already found his lady for life and therefore does not want to free another. He asked his girlfriend on the stage, knelt down and made her a marriage proposal which she has overjoyed assumed and which was congratulated to thunderous applause. You do not experience something like that at every concert…

paddyhats D4S1196 klein

Over 90 minutes lasted the green party, which ended with ‘The Wild Rover’ and ‘Barrels of Whiskey’ and almost directly went into the encore with ‘Green Blood’, ‘Paddyhats’, ‘We all know’ and the crowning finish with ‘The Boxer’, before the band and fans met for some cold drinks at the merchandising booth of the band to let the great evening end comfortably together. In retrospect, I have the feeling that the card I got was only a slip to the fiancée to be weighed in safety, but I’m not really angry with the boys. To the couple at this point again: all the best!

paddyhats D4S1106 klein

01. Barroom Lady
02. Another Town Another Girl
03. Circus Of Fools
04. Come On Board
05. Black & White
06. This Is Our Time
07. Irish Way
08. Foggy Dew
09. Promise
10. Black Sails
11. Where Your Heart Is
12. Fair Old Lady
13. Rockstar
14. Gamble With The Devil
15. Jig
16. Old Gang's Lullaby
17. Swing Your Hammer
18. Roasie Lou
18. Boys On The Green
20. Yesterday’s Rebel
21. The Wild Rover
22. Barrels Of Whiskey
23. Green Blood
24. Paddyhats
25. We All Know
26. The Boxer

paddyhats D4S1227 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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